He denied the gods and forced a new religion centered about the worship of Aten. Assassin's Creed Origins: Official Game Guide, https://assassinscreed.fandom.com/wiki/Bayek?oldid=905770. He told her that all he could think of was his quest, and said that, by the grace of Amun, he would one day be free of it. Occupation In Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, Bayek may be recruited as a simulated lieutenant on the ship Adrestia; players can unlock this feature via Ubisoft Club. After discussing his decision with Rabiah and Ahmose, Bayek chose to follow his father and goes off in search of him. However, Bayek said that he was driven by will, and he rebuked Hetepi before telling him to go to his gods. [54] He was tasked to recover it at all costs. Ok Crocodile, let's dance. They proceeded to kill all of the Ptolemaic soldiers and their captain Nicolaos Rodinos, and they found that Pentu was still alive; Bayek put Pentu on his horse and delivered him to Jeska's cousins to be treated. Finally, Pse-nuter Hebunurotant was cryptic with Bayek; when Bayek said that he was wondering if Zervos was in hiding or dead, Pse-nuter asked what he would do if Sefetu put a price on his head, and he told Bayek that he didn't stick his neck out and didn't know anything. Bayek travelled south to Swenett where the ship was docked. He assassinated captain Zinon Manos and killed the few other soldiers stationed there, and he proceeded to rescue the mute Ghupa from his cage. After managing to defend the city and slaying the bandits at their hideout, Taharqa invited Bayek to join him and his family for a meal, where they would discuss The Scarab. During a meeting with Cleopatra, Pasherenptah revealed to Bayek that the description matched with his second, Hetepi. Those who Bayek considered worthy of joining the Hidden Ones would also receive his guidance; when Shaqilat attacked a slavers barge to free several captured children Bayek advised her that fighting the slavers alone would not accomplish much, but fighting alongside a brotherhood would. The two decided to work together to find what created the curse which plagued Memphis. There he found Nefertiti’s sarcophagus and a portal. Menehet advised Bayek to check the tavern first, as Pamu was known to love drinking. With Gennadios dead, Bayek proceeded to head to the Ptolemaic Royal Palace to find "The Snake" at the royal scribe's office. Bayek told Pasherenptah that he would go to investigate the plague, and a grateful Pasherenptah told Bayek to visit The Seer's house. In the midst of their fight, Hypatos repeatedly slammed the floor, collapsing the floor and causing both him and Bayek to fall to ruins below. Weight. He infiltrated the estate and killed several guards with his bow and arrow, and he soon found an archer firing at him. At the villa Bayek found Tahamet’s hidden room, he found the invitation as well as some information that Tahamet has been researching on the curse. Aya told Bayek to meet Apollodorus' contact at the Lageion hippodrome, and Aya headed off to tell Phanos that Gennadios was dead. Bayek managed to stop the bribes, but soon discovered that Otis, who had chosen to aid the Hidden One in payment of a debt he owed Aya, had been murdered by the Roman general Gaius Julius Rufio. He liberated a prisoner who said that Khaliset took the other prisoners with her. Bayek was happy to see that Kawab supported his father's goals, and he drank after Taharqa toasted to the "savior of Letopolis". Having done the rites he returned the relic on Nefertiti’s throne and an apparition of Nefertiti appeared. YEESH. During a battle between the two rival pharaohs and their forces, Bayek kills Pothinus, "The Scorpion", but is stopped from killing Septimius by Caesar, while Ptolemy gets eaten by crocodiles when he tries to flee across the Nile. Mentor Bayek was joined by locals on horses, and he succeeded in slaying the captain and his men. Bayek of Siwa (born c. 85 BCE), also known by the alias Amun, was one of the last Medjay of Egypt and the founder of the Hidden Ones alongside his wife, Aya.. Kensa then angrily confronted Bayek about his true reason for coming to the arena, and she told him that he should have asked her for help; when Bayek said that she was mercenary in nature and could not be trusted, she was devastated and told Bayek that he should have known her better. [8][24][25] Xalavier Nelson Jr from Rock, Paper, Shotgun considered him to be one of the best fatherly archetypes in video games. On the road to Letopolis, Bayek came across the massive and well-defended Nikiou Fort. The masked men gave Bayek a dormant artifact and demanded that he use it to open a secret vault. Bayek speaking with Thermuthis and Kenthap. In 49 BCE, the pharaoh Ptolemy XIII arrived in Siwa with masked men. [54] Bayek now knew that the artifact was in the hands of Akhenaten’s successors but still had no idea of its location or who holds it. [5], Having rested, Bayek met up with Hepzefa outside his home, who gave him a new bow to test out. He was caught planning to shoot another guard (despite not having any arrows), and he led the guards on a chase before losing them. Bayek decided to investigate, searching for her stonemason husband Son Pis-aroer; when he found Son, he was nervous and initially denied seeing the murders, although he later admitted that many men had been taken under the temple and murdered.