Their food preferences are wide ranging, encompassing cereal-based foods such as dry dough, dry pet-food, soup powders, breakfast cereals and (unsurprisingly) biscuits. Trap Body for Bark Beetle Slit Trap, excl. How it works?Created by Board Certified Entomologist and consultant Stoy Hedges, the courses use photographs, video clips and reference materials to challenge users’ knowledge, experience and problem-solving skills for a wide range of products and pest problems. Your Advantages: • protection against damage caused by game • highly translucent • safe and fast growth of your... Catching pests with pheromone traps is a highly efficient biotechnological measure (without poison) to monitor beetle activity and/or to mass trap beetles. ��>h^$���q[q}3�($��v�փ��1��CR��d�$��*�f[�pj���?� 0000020566 00000 n Here, we heard on fumigation updates, safety, stewardship training, and the treatment and identification of Psocids. The research involved two separate studies. Biscuit beetles are extremely destructive and, like storage moths, are a common source of consumer complaints. Pest control INSECTRAC International Pheromone Systems Traps The correct combination of trap and lure is fundamental for a sensitive monitoring program. The study also confirmed the safety profile of LP-LDL. These and other label training modules are the centerpiece of PCT’s Distance Learning Center — a FREE service for the professional pest control market provided by PCT. In addition, the outer edges of the trap have been made rough, to help insects grip on and crawl inside easily, while the inner edges have been made smooth, to ensure that the insects can’t escape. 40 beetles 1 ml of ambrosia... Funnel for MultiWit Trap-Tub and WitaTrap Capture Container standard to be installed between trap body and trap-tub shipping unit: 1 piece The funnel prevents the captured bark beetles from escaping from the trab-tub again. 0000021985 00000 n The top of the trap completely covers the slotted base, therefore the design keeps dust and debris out. They have also had an effect of reducing pest numbers when used at high rates. 0000430788 00000 n For more information, visit The oil inside the cartridge makes the insects attempt to climb out slippery, without using messy liquids that could potentially be spilled. endstream endobj 71 0 obj <. WHERE TO USE IT: Pantries, book cases, windows, on top of wall units, closets and anywhere adult beetles have been seen. These traps should be installed a day after you treat. Like many stored product insect species with a short-lived adult stage, the female biscuit beetle produces a pheromone to attract males. 0000428264 00000 n 0000001901 00000 n If an environment happens to be particularly dry, additional oil sachets are included. 5 Howick Place | London | SW1P 1WG. For insect control you can find products (insecticides, as well as products for mechanical control), for example against the large brown pine weevil, the large and small bark beetle (European spruce bark beetle and six-toothed spruce bark... Vine & Grape Protection | Care for your vines – Increase the value! Unlike the storage moth sex pheromones, this pheromone, stegobinone (2,3-dihydro-2,3,5-trimethyl-6-(1-methyl-2-oxobutyl)-4H-pyran-4 –oneforthe scientists) has a complexstructureand,conversationsIhavehadwiththosewho knowmuchmoreaboutsuchmattersthanme,indicatethatithas Bark beetle slit traps are suitable for mass trapping bark beetles and can be used with (wet trapping) or without (dry trapping) a liquid. Confused flour beetle, Tribolium confusum These products will be unveiled in May at the Vitafoods Europe Trade Show\. Other names: Drugstore beetle, Bread beetle Classification. Their brevity gives individuals the opportunity to fit this education in whenever their schedules allow — even during breaks or lunchtime. Class Insecta. Copyright © Witasek - Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Flat grain beetle, Cryptolestes ferrugineus the acquisition of Reliable Pest Control. 70 0 obj <> endobj The performance of the pheromone of furniture beetle is not consistent and there is also a cross-attraction to biscuit beetles. The trap is designed to attract and trap twelve stored product pests using three pheromones and two specialist food lures, scientifically proven to perform significantly better than single pheromone traps. A tether system is available to buy separately to attach and secure the trap to a wall mount if needed. 0000018612 00000 n The Biscuit Beetle is found worldwide but more commonly in temperate latitudes. These attractants are sealed to ensure that the pheromones reach the end user in peak attractiveness. Russell IPM is a leading manufacturer of innovative biorational products including insect pheromone-based monitoring and control systems. Fraying protection, mowing protection (mechanical). “At this time, the lure is not commercially available from a European distributor, but I am working with the manufacturer to get some distribution channels in place,” said Acheta Consulting Managing Director John Simmons. This trap uses a powerful combination of pheromones and food attractants to monitor a wide range of beetles and weevils. By targeting multiple species with one trap you can reduce the number of devices that need servicing, saving you time and money. The trap is designed to attract and trap twelve stored product pests using three pheromones and two specialist food lures, scientifically proven to perform significantly better than single pheromone traps. With over 25 years of field experience, Brian introduced new technologies and Trials in museums have shown that clothes moth pheromone lures can provide early warning of pest attack and detect failure of control treatments. Wings: The wing covers are lined with parallel rows of deep pits or punctures. Once they crawl or fly into the holding tray, the thick catching oil will hold them for good. This highly specialised trap is critical to the successful monitoring of stored product insects. 0000339507 00000 n And if a user needs to stop while taking a course, no problem: He or she can close the program and pick up at the point left off later. Registered in England & Wales No. With a tool now available that is known to be effective for monitoring biscuit beetles there is no reason why a monitoring program cannot now also be a feature of those sites known to have, or vulnerable to, infestation by this species. 0000434285 00000 n 0000433917 00000 n It also depends upon the commercial availability of lures at an economic rate. Xlure MST refill – CAT-XLURE-MST-KIT – Includes 10 refills. A biscuit beetle (Stegobium paniceum) pheromone lure to aid detection and monitoring of this important stored product insect.The tablet needs to be placed onto a sticky pad and used with either the AF Insect Monitor or AF Demi Diamond.