always happy to give my very honest opinion on things like this if it will be helpful for others! The workout I chose was the “28-day Ab challenge.” She has a bunch of programs ranging from 28 days- 8 weeks so you can choose the length you want. I feel healthier and more confident. yes, definitely gets very repetitive but as you said, changing it up a bit as needed is a great way to make it work! However, the significant difference is that she has combined them in a doable, digestible package for her viewers. She along with YouTuber, Emilija Karasiova whose review video has 2.3 million views demonstrated truly positive results. Your results are amazing! Chloe Ting 2-Week Shred Workout gives fast and effective results, so you must learn the proper form before speeding up and increasing your sessions’ intensity. With no equipment and little room required, this really is a great programme. Thank you! It became repetitive and tedious. Having the option of a shorter commitment definitiely has it’s appeal! With regular exercises, you can notice a change from the process. Since her videos are online exercise sessions, she is right there with you performing the exercises. Can you spot reduce? If your main focus is to work on your abs, then it is a fail-proof method. yes for sure – so important! You can do daily about two videos if four feels a little over the top. If you haven’t heard of Chloe Ting during this lockdown, then you’ve probably been living under a rock. From instinct and experience, I already know what the outcome is. In all honesty, I think I much preferred this programme even though it was longer – purely because of the variety each day and the extra rest days. Thank you for this honest review! The program is very well-planned. Especially if you’re working from home. After completing, I polled my instagram following (which hopefully includes you!) I thought I’d try out two programs together at the same time as well as adding her most viewed video onto the list:4-weeks Summer Shred Challenge 202025 Days Booty ChallengeGet Abs in 2 weeks videoThese videos would replace my current fitness routine (nervous to say the least), yet still allowed myself to continue with yoga. A lot of people have also complained about the lack of guidance, particularly the form. Or even during your lunch hour. So lockdown could have definitely gone one of two ways for me … lounged around and ate everything in sight (which is totally fine btw) or finally whip me into shape. It helped that we did the former first, because the added core strength was definitely beneficial going into this new workout plan! So after the success of the first challenge I did, I wanted to maintain the momentum and do another challenge. As for complaints, Ting’s narration of the videos is pretty dry, and her background music can get repetitive after a while. Body-wise, relatively toned with a noticeable 11 line ab, though it could do with a bit more defined in my opinion. Specifics Of The Chloe Ting 2-Week Workout Program. Similarly, all of her programs only require a yoga mat, so no additional equipment is required which makes her programs very easy to do at home. Chloe Ting is a famous fitness Youtuber and she has rapidly become the face of home workouts, especially during this lockdown period. I had never heard of this program, but now it’s easier for me to make the decision whether or not to utilize it myself. It is best suited for beginners or those who are wanting to get back into fitness as they will more than likely see better results as compared to those who are advanced. Thankyou! Everyone can easily fit the program within their routine despite their location. Believe me, strong or not, these workouts will kick your ass. Like the 2 weeks challenge, this programme will make you sweat, and had much more high-intensity videos. They’re long enough to kickstart your fitness journey and to turn it into a habit. So today I am diving into a very honest review of the Chloe Ting 2 Week Shred Challenge. With Chloe Ting’s 2-Week shred Workout, there is no excuse for not having enough time! After the first few exercises, you will notice your abs working and your body becoming more lean and toned. Don’t forget to check out more articles on weight loss. But don’t worry again, if you’re a beginner or can’t do high impact activities, low impact options are always available. Low Impact/Modifications: As someone with a weak knee, I love that Chloe includes low impact modifications for most of the high impact moves. Posted on April 8, 2020 April 8, 2020 by Nurul Farhana. I want to a quick review of … Don’t forget to check out: Adele Weight Loss 2020 Success – Discover Her Diet Plan. I’m not surprised by this one tiny bit. They have cardio exercises, ab routines, lower body workouts and arms to get you a toned body! This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The picture speaks for itself. Chloe Ting 2 Week Shred Challenge HONEST Review – Results Overall, I noticed a big difference in my leg + ab strength from the start of the program to the end of it. Many subscribers are sharing her workout with the rest of the world and inspiring others to join in as well. It sounds cool in theory, but I’m very sorry to hear you hurt yourself a bit. Variety keeps me interested, hence why my general fitness routine is quite diverse. That’s some impressive results! The routines weren’t too hard, yet have made my core a bit stronger, which benefitted other exercises such as push ups.