This is the perfect opportunity to use daily journaling prompts to unlock your creativity. As mentioned earlier, you can print and use them right away, or you can simply take inspiration from them when creating your own personalized journal. What’s the best way? What can you do today to fix a past mistake? This daily journal template she offers is available in two sizes: 8½ x 11 inches and 5 x 7½ inches. Who are you with, where are you eating, and what is on your plate? 3) Who is your best friend? There may be different ways to do it, but ultimately the goal is to help you remain aware and improve your life. Perhaps you want to start journaling, but do not know where to begin? Most of her journal templates are free, but you are not allowed to re-sell, distribute, or claim the original as your own. But before we proceed to our list, let us share with you the benefits of keeping a daily journal. 18) … your future self (in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years). The more often you work puzzles, the easier they are to work. You want to be able to see everything you need clearly and at a glance. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced journal writer, these daily journal templates will satisfy your thirst for organized planning and soulful writing. When your life is organized and your emotions are clear, you feel less worried about how to handle difficult situations when they arise. But each is to a product that we've researched and highly recommend. Having a planner or journal like this is one of the best ways to make sure everything gets done every day. You may also track your daily habits and see whether you were able to achieve them or not. Another great idea is to use banners and headers for different sections. 7) Think about all the vacations you’ve had in your life. If you are looking for a vintage-themed daily journal template with a classic minimalist touch, then this is one that’s worth checking out. 28) What types of smells did you encounter today? When you see how much they have contributed to your growth as a person, you will feel more affection for them. With creative journal templates from Microsoft, it’s simple to print the pages and add your color and style or start an online journal. via Hearts Ignited Designs & Inspirations. With creative journal templates from Microsoft, it’s simple to print the pages and add your color and style or start an online journal. It serves as an excellent monitoring tool for all the things you need to get done and remember. Birch Tree Organizing Printable Daily Planner, 17 Personal Daily Journal Template Examples, This post lists 215 things that you can be thankful for in life, here are some journal prompts to inspire your writing, 200+ of the Best Self-Help and Personal Development Books, 71 Morning Routine Ideas to Successfully Start Your Day, Learn Something New: 101 New Skills to Learn Starting Today, Best Pedometer Watch (and Wearable) Review for 2020. For many people, self-care is not a priority. What is their full name, how many siblings do they have and have they ever had a traumatic experience? 33) Describe colors to a blind person. What is this new country like? Take a 10-minute break and fill up this journal—noting your ideas, expressing your emotions, and regaining your center. Two of the most popular ways to use journaling prompts involve creating a list. 6) What has been your favorite job so far? This journal template works as a prompt, reminding us of what we need in order to restore our energy and function at an optimal level of well-being. Some ways to make your daily work are by using different Fonts for dates, headings and things you want to stand out. If you know your town’s history, incorporate that into your story. We hope that we were able to help you pick a daily journal template that suits your tastes. Vintage Journal Template has elegant, fully customizable features that allow you to record your schedule, to-do list, and goals for the day or week. It even comes in Filofax. No one wakes up in the morning and thinks, “I feel like having writer’s block today.”. What makes you happy, sad, or anxious? “Hold on,” you’re thinking. You also don’t have to waste time remembering when the next office meeting is, or the deadline for a particular project. Use that muscle between your ears and write! As Ellis explains in her blog, this planner is designed to “help do-it-all moms to do-it-all well.”. If you had been in management, how would you have changed the way things were run? This template comes in four different sizes to perfectly suit your bullet journaling or planning needs. These are just some of the benefits of keeping a daily journal. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. This wasn’t because I lacked the self-discipline to write; it’s because I didn’t know what to write about. Or, if there is something that needs to be changed, discuss that in your letter. Finally, it teaches them early on about the importance of goal setting. If you do not feel like adding a quote, you can just use that space to scribble or take notes. 11) It’s time to fess up: name a character flaw you have (if you’re human, you have at least one! One day my list might be titled “10 ideas to organize my junk drawer.” The next list may be “10 ideas for a new board game.” As my journaling habit became more consistent, I knew that my daughters would benefit from a journaling practice as well. Planning out your days and weeks with this template can help make your day less hectic and stressful. Think about a day spent with your dog and write down all the various conversations that take place that day. How about their favorite color, number, food, etc.? You will need to do manual editing before you can print the material, but it’s worth the effort because the template offers a number of features to suit your journaling needs. There are days when our schedules are so hectic that it’s difficult to carve out time for a full-blown journal-writing session. Use all of them in a pretend dialog. Why is he so mad? 5) Think about your first job: why did you leave? The Daily Planner for Moms by Lindsay Ellis of Perfectly Scattered is full of features that fit and apply well to a mom’s life. I’m sure you’re aware of that. 17) … the clerk at the grocery store. The more you study for a test, the easier the test is to take. The photos are included to get you to really stretch your imagination. Today’s Plan with To-Do List & Schedule, 8. Writing is one of the best ways to release all of your tension and pent-up anxiety. Keeps your mind clear and your thoughts organized. Additionally, it has a mood tracker and purchase entry where you can see how you have been feeling for the day and how much money you spent. 16) … the mayor. Let me explain. The contents of the template include the date and day, a clock face, appointments, a health record, things to get done, a schedule and to-do list, a treat for the day, things to look forward to, water intake, daily menu, and a notes section. There will be some days when you write whatever comes to mind. You will need to do manual editing before you can print the material, but it’s worth the effort because the template offers a number of features to suit your journaling needs. As you start this habit, you will be surprised at how it can drastically change your life, perception, and views. This is a planner made specifically for other amazing moms out there. Don’t forget to create a character profile for your friend, including a physical description! This is another minimalist version of a daily journal template. If you don’t know it, how do you think it was settled? You can use these templates as they are, and simply print them out to get started, or you can draw inspiration from them and create your own DIY template. Write about where you went and what you did and who you met. Bullet Journal Daily Layout Ideas. Tell them about your own childhood, and offer some tips for transitioning to adulthood. It’s never too late to change! 38) What’s your favorite song? But there will be other days when your brain will not cooperate. What are their religious beliefs and political leanings? Seeing your plans and the things you have done laid out in plain sight can make you appreciate yourself and the people around you even more. Choose a word/entry and then create a story/article around it. 32) Describe the perfect meal. However, you choose to use the photos is fine as long as you don’t skip them. 15) … your grandchildren.