Basically, no realtor would agree to post a property for sale in this situation, which is why I went with Brian and his company. We want to make sure our clients are comfortable at all times – after all, you’re the one liquidating your property and you should have a complete control of doing so. When it comes to real estate, we know everything there is to know so don’t be scared to ask us a specific question about your property. Should you find yourself in this situation, there are 4 things you’ll want to know about before selling your distressed property in Colorado Springs. Learn more about us and find other resources on selling your house below. We can help you, sell to HBR Colorado now and avoid wasting time, all of the inconveniences, and costly mistakes. Real estate sites usually advise that you start the property liquidating process at least three months before posting a listing and then there’s the usual required work to do about a few weeks after the initial offer. If you want to locate distressed properties online, the first thing you have to realize is that no one calls their own house a “distressed property” unless they’re really desperate to sell it. Listing your home on the market is no guarantee that it will sell. Our number one job is to help people understand the real estate business in Colorado and make the best decisions for themselves and their families. If the homeowner does not sell their property before the scheduled date of the foreclosure sale, the property will be sold at public auction by the lender or a trustee of the lender. I would give them an A+” – The Johnson’s, “Brian was great. It can take 72 hours tops to get an offer on your property and then it’s up to you. Avoid endless bank delays and meetings with your tax advisors – it’s not needed. By not letting people know about property defects, you could be setting yourself for a lawsuit down the road. Give us a call – we are here to answer all your questions and we purchase distressed properties. You will need to provide disclosure documents and create the contract. We purchase distressed properties and our mission is to let people liquidate their property quick – there’s really no need to wait a while for paperwork and spend extra money on research and renovation work. Try to showcase the property’s potential to help people see beyond its flaws. Since we purchase properties for money, we need to make sure both parties are safe after and before the appointment. When it comes to taking action to ward off impending foreclosure, this isn’t the time to be indecisive. People are going to try to come at you with low-ball offers. This is known as a deficiency balance, which quite often exceeds the value of the homeowners remaining assets and could well lead to having to declare bankruptcy. Listing your home for sale can be burdensome, many owners of distressed properties find themselves feeling overwhelmed by the process. Why would someone even consider liquidating an distressed property and not fix it to have a better value you ask? This saved us. Here’s how it works: Seeing your property will help us determine the work we have to do and the value we can offer. Think about it – before you even consider liquidating your property the normal way you should do all necessary renovation work to make it look presentable, hire people that will help you determine the value, hire more people to advise you how to liquidate your property, hire agents, be around for viewings, be around for questions, wait for an offer and more. Really – all work that comes with renovating a property is on us and you won’t have to worry about a single thing. Consider selling to HBR Colorado directly instead and avoid all of the stress. And if your property is old and you want to liquidate it as quickly as possible… we understand that too. You might think that selling a distressed property will be difficult and time-consuming. Need To Sell Your House Fast? Many people don’t know there are other options of liquidating a property – you can liquidate your property quick by getting in touch with a money purchaser. It cannot be overstated that setting the price of a property on the market in Colorado Springs, is extremely important in accomplishing a quick sale. Don’t – we purchase hideous and unattractive properties! Taking some small steps to make it visually appealing will help buyers see it in a new way. What happens if your property. Have a read through our blog – you can find articles on, , being a landlord, inheriting a property. I’m sure you know the time you need to take to liquidate a property, right? Call or Text (719) 286-0053 For a Free Quote Now! We can do that too! If time is an issue, your best bet will likely be selling it directly. When considering selling your distressed property in Colorado Springs, don’t hesitate. There is a buyer out there for your property, and you will find them! Have you ever thought about liquidating your property to a money purchaser? That’s correct – we purchase distressed properties and we purchase them for money. Since we purchase properties for money, we need to make sure both parties are safe after and before the appointment. In some cases it is! I would highly recommend his services to anyone who is in dire need to sell their home. Thank you again.”, “Selling a townhome with a demanding HOA is hard enough, especially when you accrue a home damage assessment of $10,000 added on to your HOA bill. Hello and welcome to HBR Colorado! Of course, then there are also people who just don’t have the time to do all those things. Your property can be sold in less than a week! Listing a distressed property in Colorado Springs on your own can be brutal! Listing your home on the market is no guarantee that it will sell. Selling a distressed property doesn’t have to be stressful. And that’s where Bryson Childs Realty comes in – we purchase distressed properties for money. No Fees, No Hassles, No Realtors, No Closing Costs, No Fuss! 72 hours tops to get an offer on your property and then it’s up to you.