Have you ever wondered how self-published authors get a hardcover version of their book on their book’s sales page? Hi Tam, like William said, the cover would have to be reformatted for Lulu hardcover dimensions. The information you provide tells customers, retailers, and libraries about your book. I was planning on just a plain one color . Pages were printed, sent to a binder, and then to us. My search continues. industry as almost every publishing company in the world uses them as their back-end shop. If your book’s price is higher than you’d like, toggle the features. You can’t publish hardcover books directly through Amazon. IngramSpark has revision fee for each change. My interest in self publishing is really only to print my Mum’s memoir for the family. Hi Michael, from my experience, the only advantage Lulu has over CS is that it allows you to publish hardcovers. Have feedback? She is the writer of two books, of savekaryn fame. You can publish paperbacks and eBooks on KDP. The lag time is long for those updates to take place and the cost is high. Revisions are free up to that point.2) Ingram gives you a discount on ISBNs purchased during a title setup. It would be easier for me to work with them. You are very true in saying that it is very much a catch-22 when it comes to being an author or small publisher and wanting to get the costs of your book way down and, at the same time, not get caught with 1000’s of books collecting dust in your garage. Make sure that nothing important is folded up by the green borders. So make sure to check your Kindle book's sales page in 5-7 days or until you know your hardcover is live. Click Make This Photo book. All in all, being an author and book publishing in general (once you get outside of the digital realm) isn’t very lucrative for 99% of authors and publishers. The royalties may seem low, but this can add up to a nice little income stream over time. All Rights Reserved. That’s because the cover will be a little larger than the inside pages. Do you have to pay for the hardcover books up front or they just take everything out of the total price that the author pays? That way, someone searching for your book will be able to find every version of it: audiobook, eBook, paperback, and, now, hardcover. The problem is that basically all have an attitude that they could care a less if you make a profit on your books. costs. Other things we have done (besides create what we hope is a fun, engaging story, is to build a website for the book to help promote it. Here you can download your ISBN barcode file. In the book builder, you have the option of using Auto-fill to place your photos in the book. That makes it easy for retailers to stock and sell your book. You either let the publisher handle everything and accept the results, or you purchase the entire stock, and do the work yourself. KDP prints your book on demand and subtracts your printing costs from your royalties. Already have a few books on Lulu and did not even know that they publish to Ama-zon. We are planning to add a shopping cart feature on there soon. Don’t design your book cover—or interior—by yourself. That’s great, as long as you know in advance they’re kind of a pain. Do you know if Ingram Spark has the capacity to offer similar direct discounts on their hardback books? Once you’re sure the digital file is ready, go to the “Titles” page in your IngramSpark account and click on “Titles Pending Your Approval.”. As a reminder, if you haven’t finished registering your book with Bowker (see Step 4d), you need to do that ASAP. You get the book at print cost. Maybe authors / self- publishers should ask for a sample copy before taking the plunge and compare the sample to hard copies produced by some of the big five before making a decision. In the past, this might have been at small, under capitalized publishers; today I think it will sometimes be among the many self-publishers. Right now I am faced with the high cost (and low inventory) of P.O.D. It will definitely be interesting to see if this is true. From there, you can enable the option for Print on Demand wholesale distribution. Your hardcover royalties on Amazon are low, but with enough volume, it adds up quick. How do I create a paperback of my published eBook? If you had a good interior layout designer, these shouldn’t be problems. Hardcover books take a lot of time and money to design. Reach more readers through Kindle Unlimited. The average picture books is less than $9.99. Thanks for any input. When you begin the title setup process, you’ll be asked to provide your book’s metadata. There is your blueprint for self-publishing hardcover books on Amazon. I also agree with you that, unless your book is one that readers want to read, the whole conversation is mute. This step is about pricing your hardcover book on Lulu and Amazon (“Everywhere Else”). As for cover material, yes I do agree with you. Answered September 3, 2019. Not to mention, nobody wants to carry hardback books around. A huge issue that you don’t address is how to interest readers in a book by an unknown writer, at what ever the price point! I knew of someone who had contacts with TV people, she was interviewed on morning TV TWICE long before she even sat down to write her book … so it’s doable but it does not work for everybody. So if you printed the books for 9 dollars each, this would not be an easy method to become rich overnight, even if the books sell well. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, http://www.amazon.com/Jekyll-Island-Faye-Bradley/dp/0986045209/ref=tmm_hrd_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1454793199&sr=8-1, Amazon.com: Jekyll Island (9780986045202): Faye Bradley: Books, Save Karyn: One Shopaholic's Journey to Debt and Back: Karyn Bosnak: 9780060558192: Amazon.com: Books, The first problem was that Amazon’s Kindle takes anything titled ‘Preface’ and stuffs it in a hard-to-discover link under something they call “front mattter”. Can't find your answer in our Help pages? I let someone else tell you how much the storage fees will be after February 18 on 1000 average sized hardcovers, or you could look it up yourself. If your hardcover book is the same size as your paperback, you’re in luck. Let’s pretend our PDF manuscript is 120 pages. Basically, in order to self-publish a hardcover book on Amazon, you'll need to first write an awesome book, then: Then start implementing your book marketing tactics to sell your hardcover version and earn more royalties. I recommend testing your hardcover PDF file while your designer is online so you can quickly communicate back and forth in case there need to be adjustments. Awesome Sean! I know that you can download the ISBN after creating the publishing entry for the cover page, but what to do about ISBN for the internal page of the manuscript? Kindle Direct Publishing is Amazon’s self-publishing platform. The Julie and Julia film’s story also started with a blog, then it got turned into a book. Paperbacks do not live long with babies and toddlers. I love hardcovers, too, but I think that generally the hardcover purchaser wants and is looking for high-quality in terms of things like endpapers, three-dimensional (embossed) dustcovers, etc Depending on the genre or clientele, I would be very careful how about choosing anything very much short of what readers are used to in the general market. You buy them from the people who know how to make them. Formatting & Cover Design: Both platforms require proper PDF manuscript formatting and a proper PDF cover design according to their file requirements. It’s just not an integrated process. When was the last time you saw anyone reading a hardcover nonfiction book? So you would lose some money that way also, each recall is 50 cents per book. I’m afraid it might be a bit beyond the expertise of most of us here, as we tend to be lowly mail order grunts. It’s easy to zoom in on a computer, but if a printed book’s font is too small, readers will have a hard time getting through it. You pay 9 dollars per used book if you hope to sell it for a lot more, but of course, self-publishing it for that kind of price per item is entirely different issue.