Read Also: How to Choose an Electric Guitar? Easy to clamp on the fretboard and fits the guitar neck perfect. ", The Best-Sounding Guitar Capo For Steel Strings, The Best Universal Capo (Including 12-Strings & Bass), D'Addario Accessories Planet Waves NS Classical Guitar Capo, The Pick If You Want To Capo Each String Individually. Typically, the spring is for acoustic guitars and the clip for electric guitars. It's also a breeze to use. Consequently with all the features of this Capo and its affordability this Capo is the Editors Choice for the best Value. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. In addition the Shubb is Stainless Steel built to last. Just make sure you are able to return it. Electric guitars require a lot less pressure than acoustic guitars. Do you want a capo that works for one specific guitar, or one that can easily switch between instruments? They are not the easiest to use compared to the other types of capos because they require two hands to put them on. for a guy, what is the difference between a fantastic chick and just average? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. One reviewer wrote: "I have a classical nylon guitar, and the frets are not curved like other acoustic guitars. See what other musicians are saying about the Kyser Classical Capo and Buy yours today. If you are new to guitar, it might be good to know what a capo is in the first place. It is worth mentioning that similar to the previous part, you can damage the finish of the guitar, or cause additional fret wear by leaving the capo too long. What you want to do is to make sure that all strings are pressed equally and that capo slightly behind the fret bar. Electric Guitar: Electric guitars are usually closer to string with thinner and softer strings. I want as many people as I can to enjoy it as much as I do. This one fills that bill. The body of an electric guitar is usually a hollow body. You don’t want to put more tension than it’s already placed. Which musical instrument would you like to master, if given the chance? While it is perfectly normal to play the guitar for a while with the capo on, you should never leave on the guitar when you are not playing. The answer is it will fit, but it puts to much pressure on the strings and the guitar pitch will be off. I have a huge passion for rock music and I extremely enjoy playing it. And even then, the tension may be too much. Among the main problems that capo can cause is the damage to the finish of the guitar. Capos are capos. This way, you will have the option of using open chords instead of a barre. See what other guitarists say about the Thalia Capo. However, if you play a regular six-stringed guitar, it’s almost unlikely that you will find a capo that is unfit for your guitar. After over 50 years of playing and using different capos, I can honestly say that this is the best capo I've ever used.". So if you want to make a G# without a bar chord a Capo is needed. Your email address will not be published. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. See pricing for the Shubb 12 String capo on Amazon. While electric guitars have a truss rod inside the neck, acoustic guitars rarely do. Shop Amazon for the Best Capo for Classical guitar.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'yourguitarguide_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_9',131,'0','0'])); Kyser Quick Change is affordable and easy to use. As a result, they'll require special capos. The electric guitar has multiple pickups, tone and volume knobs that can be easily played with any sound or effect. And with the sound hale. The Capo takes over the job of the nut and acts like a guitar clamp. With one lever just flip the lever. The resilient rubber feels like a fingertip, so it won't bend or deaden the sound — and when it's time to remove it, the quick-lever releases the capo in a split-second. And know more electric guitar vs acoustic guitar differences, is electric guitar easier to play than acoustic and is the electric guitar the same as the acoustic guitar. First of all raise the pitch with the Kyser quick change and start playing in other keys. Capo or capodaster is a great little tool that could help you in your guitar playing. Just be aware that occasionally you will get a spring or clip capo that is just way too strong. For my needs, the G7th capo slightly out edges the Shubb capo because you can put it on, take it off, and set the tension all with one hand. In addition there are capos for vintage electrics with a 7.25" radius, capos for wide necks (for 12-string guitars), and partial capos (to emulate open tuning). Best Simple 5 to 10 steps. It did in spades! Clamp it and play with confidence. While electric guitars have a truss rod inside the neck, acoustic guitars rarely do. Using it will replace the need to fret all six strings and make it easier to play some songs. There is a nut at the headstock where the strings go through. This is one of the main advantages of this tool, and the ability to change the key in a few seconds only. The pitch and notes change for every string. Electric guitar: Electric guitars have effects to create a wide and final tone, you can play any type of music with them. Then a jewel case and a gig bag.
If you have an electric guitar, I would go with capos that specifically say they are made for electric guitars OR capos where you can adjust the pressure. There's no such thing as an "electric guitar capo" vs an "acoustic guitar capo". How much does it cost? My suggestion is to go with a capo that works for all of your needs, whether you play acoustic or electric guitar. Let’s take a look at all three. Classical guitars, on the other hand, often have flat fretboards and use nylon strings instead. There are some similarities between acoustic guitar vs electric guitar, such as acoustic guitar playing by picking and streaming. Reason being is it takes more tension to hold more strings. Bass guitars, 12-strings, ukuleles, and mandolins might also require specific capos, too. Some people want to know, can you Capo an electric guitar. Click to get current pricing for the Thalia Capo on Amazon. You don’t want to put more tension than it’s already placed. You are either placing the capo incorrectly (uneven or you bent a string), or your guitar has some issues with intonation. Alive Again Media LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to All rights reserved. $6.99. With the Quick Change engineered design you can transpose your guitar instantly. The smaller body of electric guitars, thinner neck, and light gauge strings are used so it’s easier to play. Capos are capos. Since the pitch needs to be raised so you can play in a different key. I created this website so I can help as many as possible on their guitar journey. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to There are several electric guitar Capos. Furthermore this Dunlop Capo can be used on a 6 or 12 string guitar, and can be purchased on Amazon here.