Stay tuned to see if that really happens! October brings unsettled weather. If you believe a vacation is a mix of fishing, fine dining, and relaxing, October could be your perfect month. The map from Montana’s Best Fishing Waters book references it as Gilles Bridge, but it looks like it’s dedicated to a soldier who gave his life for our country. In October, hatches are limited to afternoon blue winged olive hatches in deep pools and slower runs. Had to be the moose. The moose hightailed it through the grass and stopped at some nearby willows. In October, hatches are limited to afternoon blue winged olive hatches in deep … Back to the van again. It’s a beautiful river though. We looked at each other and decided it wasn’t meant to be and drove to the Big Hole. It makes for a long, slow drive out to find somewhere to stay. Author: CS Drexel. Required fields are marked *, By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Rock Creek, especially its upper end, fishes well throughout the winter. 60 degree days without a cloud in the sky. Looks like this year it finally happened. Home / Missoula Montana Fly Fishing / Rock Creek Fly Fishing. We had never fished the river, but had heard good things about it. Our next planned stop is in St. Regis to fish the Clark Fork. I blamed the poor fishing on the high temperatures…into the mid-90s. Wildlife view is at it’s peak September to November. Again, only a small fish or two. The willows were moving like a stiff breeze was blowing, but it was a still morning. Peak foliage occurs mid-October. As runoff subsides—Rock Creek drops and clears faster than any other area watershed—usually around Memorial Day, the fabled salmon fly hatch (#2-4) begins work its way upriver. Keep up with us on social media for all our videos and photos of Rock Creek! Hatches in October tend to be all small flies. It’s a great time to be here. Overall, the fishing was really slow. It was early and we decided to wait him out and see if he would leave. I hooked this Brown Trout on my third cast with a hopper. 18-22 do the trick. We post images and videos of Rock Creek and Western Montana regularly on our social media accounts. Another great fishing opportunity is the Clark Fork River. So what to pack? Whenever someone says that we turn to each other and smile. As the sun dips below the western hills, the temp will drop, the fishing will slow; it’s time to head back to the cabin. Take care & … 1 thought on “ Fly Fishing Rock Creek, MT in 2020 ” Gretchen & Al Beatty on August 12, 2020 at 6:08 am said: Hi Guys, When we lived in north Idaho (CDA & Sandpoint) we often fished Rock Creek. It has walked out of the woods only about 20 yards behind the van and wandered to the river. A couple of small fish came to hand after fishing hard for over an hour. Where else should we try? Luckily, our mid-week arrival allowed is to find campsites for the two nights we stayed on the river. If you can find a ten-yard break in the shelf ice, you can usually drown two nymphs and come up a winner. Rock Creek from the Jordan Knott bridge. No doubt. The days are cooler and shorter making your day on the river a bit shorter. It’s fine unless you happen to be the last group looking for a site and they are all filled. With over 2,000 wild trout per mile and a density of bug life rivaling some tailwaters, this “creek… Links to Free Old Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Books, Fly Fishing Idaho’s Kelly Creek and North Fork Clearwater River, 2020 Kelly Creek and NF Clearwater River Fly Fishing, Attend the 2020 NW Fly Tyer and Fly Fishing Expo. It wasn’t much later and he left. But there is some the fall. Rock Creek’s high gradient is never more apparent as you go flying down that river in a boat, looking for wading anglers and keeping the boat in the correct fishing position. It was open and I decided to give it a try. Your email address will not be published. As late summer tapers into fall, ants, hoppers, and beetles give way to hatches of mayflies, most notably the Mahogany and Hecuba. Bighorn sheep strut their stuff in neighbor’s yards. As spring begins to break, hatches of midges and blue wings bring cutthroat, rainbow, and brown trout to the surface. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. We tried a different spot that looked fishy downstream. Getting on the water well ahead of the hatch is a good idea. Camping is only allowed in designated sites on most of Rock Creek, which I think is a great idea. Remember the thunderstorm I mentioned above? We bagged it early the next morning and headed to the Bitterroot River. It just didn’t seem like the fish gods were on our side. Lucky for us, we didn’t meet any traffic on those sections.