With Google Sites’ automatic mobile rendering, when an iOS 3.0+ or Android 2.2+ device visits your site, the width of the site adjusts to the width of the device. 2. For each of the risks you anticipate, you can estimate the seriousness, the possibility, the opportunities to mitigate them, the potential costs, and more. It’s really easy to use. As you become increasingly familiar with this great spreadsheet, you will find it increasingly indispensable. I wrote my own script for doing just that and adapted Click the "Create" button. Getting everyone on the same page can take some effort, especially if you’re managing a project that involves several departments. Download the Project Plan Gantt Chart. Here are some of the many business templates from Google Sites. This is version 2 of an earlier template, https://sites.google.com/site/pmtemplatebydiegomaranan. The Google Site for your project should help your team deliver successful, completed projects as painlessly as possible. Download the Work Recorder, The guys in AMC’s Mad Men thought that dashboards referred to their Chryslers, but you can bet your boots they would have loved this, form. They also enable managers to create resource allocation and cost strategies that drive both efficiency and productivity without breaking the bank. You can list Requirements, Features, Additional Resources Needed, Development Notes (Implementation), and Questions. Google Docs have come a long way since I first stumbled upon them a few years back. Remember, as always, not to type in the cells with formulas! A clearly defined action consists of a single task that can be completed with available materials, information, and equipment: "Email Larry", for example. This was one of the forms from my original review of Google Docs that I couldn’t bear to replace. If you’re planning a Golf Fundraiser, for example, and Joanne is in charge of the menu planning including food purchasing and preparation, you can share this Google Doc with her and she can apply her own estimations of time available. To achieve this, all stakeholders must be on the same page at all times. This is version 2 of an earlier template, https://sites.google.com/site/pmtemplatebydiegomaranan. ), Make sure your Google Site clearly conveys the "next actions" needed for your project. Skills for career advancement. Use dashboards to provide a bird’s eye view of a project’s status and performance. While the above spreadsheet will help you calculate project costs, this form will just help you manage your business finances. Having a full grasp of their specific functions, stakeholders should also possess a top-level view of the project as a whole. Click the "Create" button to make your Site. For example, "Switch to Google Apps" is a project that involves multiple steps taken by multiple people over several days or weeks. The processes, practices, and documentation in project management have become standardized over the years. specials delivered direct to your inbox. With any Google docs, however, you have to be mindful that you don’t type into cells that contain formulas, or you will upset the usefulness of the spreadsheet. And the Dashboard (Tab 3) will automate from the figures you enter on the Data tab (Tab 2). Don’t get messed up in one of those fancy spreadsheet applications where one wrong turn takes you on a vacation at Motel Hell. Training Site Template. Just type in the current month/year at the top and start entering figures on Tab 2. Download the Project Timeline, You’ve got to have a Gantt chart! It was created by “Lon,” maybe a Mad Man in his own right. These handy templates will save you precious time when running your projects. Build a Sites project hub to keep updates, timelines, deliverables, calendars, and documents in one place. GTD-ers, as they're sometimes called, manage projects with two essentials tools: lists and reference materials. Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites, Project Management Template (v.2!!) We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Included in its outline are the introduction, overview, organization, responsibility matrix, calendar of activities, and budget. Some of them you will use as is, and others require slight adaptation. project management tool to help run your business without ever leaving Google Sheets. There’s also a help tab, much worth the time it takes to read it. Google's. ; Enter a template name and click Create. You can use Google Apps to track and manage your next action lists and reference material in various forms. Google Drive is an amazing collaborative tool which makes it perfect for project management.