A reverse 911 system was used to notify residents of the killdozer so that they could get out of the way in time. That having been said , if I lived in Granby , I would BOYCOTT that concrete plant and urge my friends and neighbors to do the same ! One police SUV was crushed when it strayed too near. The land is worth about $30,000, so he figures the house and a decrepit barn are worth $520,000. That’s the real issue here. The test of a country’s resolve to be free is weighed and measured not when the decision is easy, but when it is difficult with real lives in the balance. All text/images/media © copyright their respective creators They might go quietly, they might fight you with lawyers. Bows? Instead of building a tank, he broke into the local army barracks and stole an armoured vehicle and drive all the way to the parliament building. I love the fact that he thought God clouded the minds of the people who saw him building the killdozer. One can debate whether this program or that is particularly “socialistic,” but simply because one views something our govenment does as being “socialistic” doesn’t equate to our government being “fairly socialist.” We should probably dump a number of them, but that’s not really the point. So when you “win” it’s a good idea to extend an olive branch of compromise afterwards – even when you don’t have to. DI :), Similar story in Perth, Australia in 1995. Again, it was his land, and he had every right to sell it for whatever price he wanted. GRANBY, Colo. (CBS4) — On June 4, 2004, Marvin Heemeyer went on a rampage through the town of Granby in bulldozer he reinforced with steel plates. Trainor Well, not exactly “fun”, but certainly Damn Interesting. In the late 1990s⁠—after years of protests, petitions, and town meetings⁠—it became obvious to the 52-year-old that he was entwined in a gross miscarriage of justice. This would be in contrast to the concept we have here, where there has to be some indication something is being done that is wrong before there is an official investigation. It didn’t happen to you. You can bring up Germany all you want, but we’re not really talking about Germany, are we? The 5th Amendment includes this: “…nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.” Thus, private property can be taken by the government for public use, so long as the property owner is justly compensated. Grand County Emergency Management Director Jim Holahan confirmed that the The answer will inevitably come, maybe not in my lifetime, but it will come – and if I’m not here to find out that answer then who cares? The language seems specific enough to establish taking property, but vague enough to allow virtually any argument for forcing a sale to have potential for success. It says nothing about the “urgent demand” or “alternative locations” you mentioned. The loss of all those pies would have been devastating. They didn’t want to keep raising the payoff so they hosed em, that’s why I made that comment. Chances are it will double in value again within 10 years. https://www.damninteresting.com/the-total-perspective-vortex. which began Friday at about 3 p.m. No other injuries were reported. Sugar Sugar Band, Did anyone else notice the slight design flaw in the gunport picture? stun a suspect. Oh wow I think someone here in Australia was trying to do a bad impression of the Killdozer. The overencumbered vehicle was obviously difficult to control, and swerved widely through the streets, but Heemeyer was still able to seek out and and hit his specific targets. Do we outlaw sarin gas? What’s the difference between Heemeyer saying he won’t sell and the concrete company saying it won’t allow Heemeyer access beneath its property in order to comply with the new zoning? I can only conclude the system is TOO cruel? Design & logo © 2005-2020 Alan Bellows Again, since we are really talking about a US issue, and since you are likely less knowledgeable about it than am I, I’ll stick with my label of “misconception,” even at the risk of elevating your bloodpressure. as the bulldozer slowly crashed through buildings, trees and lampposts, with Didn’t they ignore/allow similar cartoons Muslims found offensive regarding Mohammad? A new documentary out this week, called Tread, explores the history of the event. What is wrong with you is what is ailing America now. The Granby bulldozer rampage happened 15 years ago today . “Prevent” is the key word here. do a thing.''. The Israeli Defence Forces have a fleet of Killdozers based on the Caterpillar D9 with remarkably similar features. The aum folks, who orchestrated the sarin gas attacks on the Tokyo subway, were a Buddhist faction. How unfortunate that this “screwed over” person did not remove from my universe some of the “Human Garbage” that openly abused a democratic system as these cowards… Wow, you are even scarier than this bulldozer dude. Those unfamiliar with the band may have heard it during the closing credits of Old School (I think), covering “Good Lovin’ Gone Bad.”, @sid: I don’t know about the exact legislation in the US, but here in Germany and in most if not all european countries there are rules to prevent individuals from blockading major infrastructural projects by just owning a small portion of the necessary land. Excellent as always. But we were talking about constitutions. One thing many don’t understand about rezoning: Let’s just say an industrial property is rezoned commercial. going. That could be, and often is, based on which side can bring not just the better arguments in court, but exert more political pressure. Or expanded in such a way to make it terrifyingly easy for your property to be taken from you with little chance of mounting a successful defense. Believe it or not, most people do. ``We didn't think he was going to do something like this.''. But the question regarding this particular situation is whether the local government acted appropriately, or however you wish to phrase it. The community likely didn’t care, because it seemed this was between Heemeyer and the concrete company. My point is I have spent 20 of the last 45 years living somwewhere in Asia, while working for the US Government, and you don’t hear of people killing because Buddha told them to as Marvin Heemeyer supposedly was guided by God. When a reporter for a local paper interviewed Heemeyer for an editorial opposed to gambling, he reported that Heemeyer was so enraged by the opposition that the interview nearly came to fisticuffs.