Put a few peelings of fruits having strong fragrances like banana, apple and mango inside the jar and keep it in the area, where the roaches are most frequented. There are plenty of commercial products in the market that can help reduce a roach infestation, but such products pose health risks for you and your family. Then strain the mixture and keep it in a spray bottle. It kills them in seconds. Another simple natural remedy to keep roaches out of the house. Keep the jar where roaches are mostly found. Their shells and feces may also worsen symptoms in asthmatic people and trigger allergies. During grooming, the acid will be consumed, which will result in death for the cockroach. Spray the solution in the cockroach infested areas. Replace garlic clove in 2 days until you get rid of roaches. Some people swear by essential oils as a natural, chemical-free way to prevent and kill cockroaches. You can also use hair spray to kill cockroaches. Boric Acid or Borax Trap. Home Remedies to get rid of Cockroaches. While not as dangerous as other bugs, roaches can actually be harmful to your overall health, as they are known to contribute to the spread of salmonella, E.coli, and other bacteria, all of these can lead to illnesses. You have to ensure that your house is spic-and-span, simply because roaches are attracted to food remains, particularly oil. Lightly dust food grade diatomaceous earth on suspected areas. Boric acid is not effective when wet. This smell doesn’t kill the roaches, but helps remove them from your rooms and they will never come back. Rest all is quite easy. Diatomaceous earth is best used during dry weather. When they return to the nest and die, they will also contaminate other cockroaches and their eggs. Once roaches have entered into your house, they can grow in numbers quickly. There are mainly three types of roaches’ American, German, and Oriental roaches. Dish soap can be used instead of fabric softener, but we found it to be less efficient. Spray it on the cockroaches and the places are most active. Thus you can use it to make a trap. Make a fine powder of a handful of bay leaves. So, discard all the contents of the jar in a bucket full of soapy water and flush down the toilet or somewhere else. You need to use the coffee as a lure to trap the cockroaches and kill them. Try these strategies to help in the elimination of the American, German and various other species of roaches without calling a pest control operator: As with most household pests, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. They attract cockroaches, killing the critters and their eggs with a single feed from the bait, breaking the breeding cycle. Home Remedies For Roaches – Get Rid of Roaches Naturally, How to Kill Fleas? Fix all the leaks in your bathroom and kitchen. They will eat this remedy and will die because of dehydration. Cockroaches prefer living in dark, damp and dirty places. It is hard to completely deprive them of food, but limiting the supply will make it easier for other methods to work effectively. Plus, it is less toxic to non-target organisms and economically cheaper than chemical repellents. The Roach Motel cockroach trap lures pests into the small container and keeps them there with a sticky glue. It is a simple and safe way to eliminate pests in and around the home. Avoid using it in wet and damp areas as it will not work. Just place these traps around where cockroaches are suspected and wait for the pests to find their way in. Sugar helps attract the roaches to the trap. In this article, we will tell you the best home remedies to get rid of cockroaches. They will definitely search for an escape route drastically and never return. Mix 25 ml of essential oil into a cup of water and put in a bottle of spray. Dish washing detergents create a film around their lung and make difficulty in breathing for roaches and suffocate roaches to death. Reducing water or taking care of leakages and food sources should adhere to. Kill Roaches With Baking Soda and Onions. An all-natural mineral, Diatomaceous Earth is an effective powder that eliminates cockroaches upon contact.