What Is Value-Based Sales And Why Is It So Important? What Can You Do With a Bachelor's in Marketing? Christian Colleges with Good Marketing Programs. Want to know more about it? You can get the information without even bothering them. just create an account. More than that, you need to give the consumer reasons to continue consuming what your brand has to offer. first two years of college and save thousands off your degree. Interactive marketing strategies might include engaging influencers that appeal to ''real'' people, 360-degree content that shows off your product or service, or even online calculators and quizzes that prompt consumers to submit their information to get their results. Nowadays, customers in the target market want to be part of their favorite brand that they like and support. Some companies offer the free service of a calculator, where customers enter the input and the calculator would give them the required results. If you have some experience in the subject, you know the most commonly used practices to gather this kind of knowledge, right? Interactive marketing is a shift toward a more customized and responsive way to reach consumers. Want an example? How to Create a Global Content Marketing Strategy, International SEO Case Study: How to Generate More Than 2 Million Sessions Without Spending a Cent on Ads. Enrolling in a course lets you earn progress by passing quizzes and exams. Interactive marketing ups engagement, awareness, sales and lead generation in a more entertaining and engaging ways. Fitness clothing experts Lululemon uses influencers, dubbed Ambassadors, on its website. Online questioners fall under the category of interactive polls and surveys. Download our ebook and learn how to take your interactive content to the next level! Want to get consumers more engaged in your marketing messages? But what does interactive marketing mean and what types of strategies does it include? Snips’ Interactive Guide to AI Your target audience learns and gets the message of what you want to tell them. Some of the advantages and benefits of interactive marketing strategy are as follows; One of the most important benefits of interactive marketing is that it provides an opportunity for sellers and marketers to receive direct feedback from the customers. This setting, marked by gamification, creates a unique experience, which will certainly stamp your brand in the consumer’s mind. Quizzes are the short form of contests. For instance, a bakery offers customized cakes where customers choose the design, style, and decoration and place the order online on the bakery’s website. With the voting for the Game of Thrones Party stretched over five weeks, the number of participating voters grew from 1.3 million the first week to more than 1.6 million in the final tally. After all, if you’re the one letting them easily crunch the numbers, they’ll most likely stick with you. Traditional marketing ads send one Way Company’s message. Select a subject to preview related courses: Who hasn't completed an online quiz? It’s a very efficient way to enhance consumer engagement and, at the same time, provide an extremely qualified experience. A step-by-step guide to CREATE YOUR OWN WordPress theme! By using elements with traits of interactivity, it’s possible to optimize all stages of your sales funnel, from attraction to conversion, through nurturing. This simple detail may be enough for them to stay longer on the page, either by answering the questionnaire or looking for more information about the company. Interactive marketing facilitates a two-way street of communication between a brand and its audience, records their responses and preferences, and then uses that information to develop even more customized marketing campaigns. The marketing strategy was guided as much by the customer as the shoe maker. {{courseNav.course.topics.length}} chapters | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service, What is a Startup Company? It starts with the advertisement that marketers create, then they air the ad on different media platforms and expect the result. They are powerful tools for SEO and PPC agencies to increase site relevance, engage with users and attract links. You just watch them and move on, right? You should also consider quiz as an interactive marketing strategy. HBO channel arranged a quiz by asking a question like what character of Game of Thrones series you familiarize yourself with. If inserted in your decision making, these insights can bring optimizations in several actions and areas of the company, as we’ll show throughout the next topic. They just don’t want to follow it; they want to share their views to make the product better. Calculators are fairly simpl… The latter, incidentally, has been brilliantly accomplished by NetApp through this interactive quiz. This piqued the interest of millennials who are always trying out new cuisines and proved pivotal in boosting brand awareness and improving customer engagement. For instance, different retail stores and shopping malls start the hourly countdown just before the black Friday to create suspense and attract people’s attention. Make sure that you should add some fun elements in the games, so that game shouldn’t be tense. The purpose of interactive marketing is to get the views, preferences, and choices of … Cookie company Oreo tested the virtual reality mechanism by creating a video where viewers could imagine themselves in an animated Oreo factory. However, there are different formats of competition. When marketers/sellers engage with the customers, it means that they’re working on the customers’ feedback and making the product better. The purpose of interactive marketing is to get the views, preferences, and choices of customers, and make their marketing strategy better. This understanding guides most Content Marketing strategies, which aim to establish a relationship of trust with the buyer persona, first attracting visitors and then converting them into leads. With the answers left by the visitor, you get a better idea about the stage of the funnel in which they are and learn more about their preferences. Today, we’ll discuss interactive marketing, here it follows; Interactive Marketing is the process of creating two-way communication between the customers and the company, where the customers share their views, choices, and preferences about the product so that the marketer could make it better. This includes actions such as reward programs and the offer of prizes. Interactive Marketing is a strategy that aims to encourage the buyer persona to interact with the brand, thus generating a proper setting for its attraction, nurturing, and conversion. What is it that makes interactive marketing inspire, engage and convert? Interactive marketing has made the job of marketers much simpler and easier. To understand the usefulness of Interactive Marketing, you need to be aware that this strategy focuses on exchanging information with the audience. Visit the Business Strategy: Help & Review page to learn more. Anyone can earn Interactive marketing is a shift toward a more customized and responsive way to reach consumers. Your email address will not be published. Giving your consumers and prospects the option to calculate directly on your site also provides a layer of transparency and keeps them invested in your company. They also increase the response rate. Free air tickets, meeting with your favorite celebrity, and free meals are some of the examples of contests that different businesses organize to promote their products. Get to know the 4 best Content Management Systems (CMS) for Marketing. You can start it by asking for any fun, comic, or rhetorical questions. BBVA’s games Jubidreams and Jubigame allowed customers to learn more about saving for their goals through a fun interactive experience. The feedback of consumers is very important.