}); 10:40 p.m.: Elord stands over a garbage can and points toward his throat, unable to breathe. A Virginia inmate named George Alec Robinson was facing the death penalty, but due to the work of his attorneys was spared that fate. Though investigators watched the kicks and punches unfold on the blurry, herky-jerky video, they could not say who delivered the fatal blow. Another detainee, D.V., would support L.B.’s claim that the assault was “induced” by a staffer, and said that the attackers were offered food and extra phone calls as rewards. If harsh treatment is meant to deter youths from re-offending, it doesn’t seem to be working. He bled from his thyroid, trachea, both lungs, adrenal gland, rib area and heart. A witness reported that Williams repeatedly punched the boy, then hoisted him in a “bear hug” and slammed him to the floor on his head. “We have thousands of dedicated employees and, unfortunately, there have been some that have come into our system that have caused us great heartache and frustration,” Daly said. Johnson enters the scrum and begins to peel off one youth. Editor’s note: This article and others in this series were produced as part of a project for the University of Southern California Center for Health Journalism’s National Fellowship, in conjunction with the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. Although no precise tracking data could be found, it is clear that Florida’s juvenile justice programs have become an on-ramp for the adult prison system. It is a way for employees to exert control without risking their livelihoods by personally resorting to violence. Multiple detainees acknowledged jumping in for no particular reason, but they weren’t charged with assault, much less homicide. In 2006, at the Kent County Jail in Michigan, inmate Benny Rochelle dragged his cell mate off the top bunk, killing the man, when he could not find his honey bun. Nonetheless, a DJJ lawyer concluded that there was “no intent on his part to mislead the department.”. But you may not be buying it to eat it, either. And last year [2010], at the Lake Correctional Institution west of Orlando, two men were sentenced to life in prison for stabbing with crude shivs the man they thought had stolen shaving cream, cigarettes and a honey bun from their footlockers. He said he “felt like something was broken in his chest, and it was hard for him to breathe.” The staff did not call for an ambulance, and it took more than an hour for officers to arrange for a van. A delicious treat I learned about from an article about jail food: Honey Bun topped with melted American cheese single. r/Detroit: Discover and discuss news and events happening in the city of Detroit. Neither of these extensive investigations found Mr. Johnson culpable in the incident,” DJJ said in a statement last week. He swung two punches. As the Huffington Post reported, using Nutraloaf as punishment is controversial, to say the least: “Prisoners in several states, including Illinois, Maryland, Nebraska, New York and Washington, have even sued over Nutraloaf or its equivalent, claiming that the punitive food is so awful that it’s unconstitutional. A grand jury later complained that most of the video cameras weren’t working, and those that did “allowed only for real-time monitoring.”. Those things included the surveillance footage of Rios’ April 2015 “pain compliance” restraint. Fellow detainees called him “Honey Smack.”. For years, “honey-bunnings” and other abuses have been as ubiquitous as razor wire and starchy vegetables. Now I Know is a free daily newsletter; ▪ Tolerance for cover-ups: Over the past 10 years, DJJ has investigated 1,455 allegations of youth officers or other staffers failing to report abusive treatment of detainees — or, if they did report an incident, lying about the circumstances. The totality of complaints resulted in another “corrective action plan,” this one stipulating that the program report abuse “100 percent of the time.”. The DJJ investigation quoted Andrew as saying the other boy had been “talking junk to him,” and he sought advice from Bryant. Progress, if any, in that investigation is unknown. The state attorney said the lockup’s shoddy record-keeping further complicated matters. Mark Steward, who was director of the Missouri Division of Youth Services for more than 17 years and is credited with turning it into a national model, said: “Everybody should feel shame for letting this happen. Detention officer Antwan Johnson told him to sit down. The investigation found that for years — long before Elord’s death — youths have complained of staff turning them into hired mercenaries, offering honey buns and other rewards to rough up fellow detainees. Reporters attempted directly and through the department to contact Antwan Johnson but did not succeed. When Elord rose from the 68-second thrashing — every kick and punch meted out in front of a surveillance camera — he was too angry to know his own hurt. The officer told him to be patient. Daniel “Danny” Matthews, 17, died after being punched by another Pinellas County detainee. 5:17 p.m.: Elord is checked in at Jackson Memorial Hospital’s emergency room. But there’s a grim, dark side to the honey bun biz. After visiting his son at the hospital, Ostrovsky said he confronted the lockup superintendent, who told him officers “don’t get paid well, and nobody wants the job.”. Now, Howell is dead from a June 18 beating, and Riley is looking at a prison sentence much longer than three years if he’s convicted of a second-degree murder charge. DJJ said it has upgraded the surveillance system. The Miami-Dade Regional Juvenile Detention Center cameras were working on the afternoon in 2015 when more than a dozen boys in Module 9 used Elord Revolte as a punching bag. The medical examiner catalogued his injuries — some overtly evident, some not. Elord Revolte’s death evokes many of the dark secrets of Florida’s troubled juvenile justice system, including incompetent supervision, questionable healthcare, willfully blind internal investigations and spasms of staff-induced violence, sometimes bought for the price of a pastry. The Tampa Bay Times article linked above recounts stories of fraud, bribery, battery, and worse. And the way you deal with a predator is the opposite of how you deal with a child who has made a poor decision,” said Jim DeBeaugrine, an HRS legislative analyst from 1988 to 1997, and then staff director for the state Justice Appropriations Committee until 2007. They also determined that Williams had physically abused him. ▪ Legal impunity for abusive staffers: After a teen died from a head injury when a West Palm Beach staffer dropped him on his skull, lawmakers passed a 2014 law that made it easier to punish abusive or neglectful youth workers. Roblox Song Codes - Roblox Audio Catalog - Musica Roblox. They conducted scores of interviews with administrators, public defenders, prosecutors, judges, children’s advocates, consultants, parents and youths across Florida. According to a 2011 report in TIME, inmates in the state purchase about 270,000 Honey Buns a month, outpacing cans of Coke, tobacco products, and many other things commonly consumed on the outside. Everybody. “Stop!” Elord yelled. He was 27 years old and serving a life sentence for the murder of Odin Lloyd. Investigations into the deaths of two other youths, as well as the rape of a third, also were hamstrung by poor surveillance equipment.