10 Dimensions Dimensions of sheet metre £9.12 Developed in house and unique to the sector, Semi-polished floor tiles with a micro relief texture and unique shine, The finish characteristic of the material that the tiles emulate, A very smooth matt lappato finish on surfaces with a relief texture, Different formats of high-end, top-quality, resistant floor tiles. MANIFESTO. — Easily trowellable. ... Price per Sq. Die Keramikkacheln, die inspiriert von der Papierfaltkunst Origami entworfen wurden, geben dem Raum, in welchem sie angebracht werden, nicht nur eine perfekte Optik, sie rufen... Kalebodur ––––––––––– Light+ ISAO HOSOE 1942 doğumlu, Japon tasarımcı Isao Hosoe, Uzay Sanayi Lisans Programı ve Tokyo Nihon Üniversitesi’nde yaptığı yüksek lisansının ardından 1967’den beri yaşadığı Milano’da, uluslararası birçok rma için çalıştı. Our tile collections’ designs are based on prior analyses of trends, a search for inspiration in hitherto unexplored fields, and studies of potential top-quality materials. Coverage per box KALESINTERFLEX - Designer Ceramic tiles from Kale all information high-resolution images CADs catalogues contact information find.. 8.5 Thickness 4 200 Pages. Tile... Price per Sq. £38.50 mm  mm  Metre S'inspirant des carreaux émaillés de ciment faits à... Alicante Alicante Alicante Alicante Modul 1 / Module 1 Modul 2 / Module 2 Bordur / Border K6?e / Corner Modul 1 / Module 1 Modul 2 / Module 2 Bordure / Bordure Winkel/Coin Cadiz Cadiz Cadiz M 20x20cm / 8"x8" Bordure / Bordure Winkel / Coin Bordur / Border Bordure / Bordure Winkel / Coin, Kalebodur ––––––––––– Alhambra Bordür / Border Köşe / Corner Bordüre / Bordure Winkel / Coin Bordür / Border Köşe / Corner Bordüre / Bordure Winkel / Coin Bordür / Border Köşe / Corner Bordüre / Bordure Winkel / Coin, Kalebodur ––––––––––– Elhamra Bordür / Border Köşe / Corner Bordüre / Bordure Winkel / Coin Bordür / Border Köşe / Corner Bordüre / Bordure Winkel / Coin. Dimensions of piece Tiles per sq. £13.95 © 2020 All rights reserved 2103 Facades Catalogue. Decorated wall tile formats, 2. Coverage per box Thickness Cube & Dot General Catalog. 87 Pages. Signature Collection encourages you to break the rules.   Kaleseramik Binası 34330 Levent - İstanbul / Turkey T +90 212 371 5253 (pbx) F +90 212 278 4396 Factory - Semedeli Köyü Çan - Çanakkale / Turkey T +90 286 437 1231 F +90 286 437 1232. Ever since 1981 the company has been surprising its fans worldwide with an incomparable and inexhaustible variety of new furniture, lighting and furnishing accessories, all expressing an intense passion for design. Kalekim-Tile Adhesive / Colle a Carrelage / liLol^uJI j^aJJ JaiU Dust-free cementitious ceramic tile … © 2020 All rights reserved Thickness — Bonding of all types and... -Tile Adhesive/Colle a Carrelage/iL«lj^Jl &a\i JaiL Lightweight, highly deformable tile adhesive / Mortier-colle leger / ULji£- Jailo Cementitious, high performance, flexible, lightweight tile adhesive including rubber and nano technological additives with extended open time and reduced slip. mm — Easily trowellable. 12 Download our official catalogues with photos, descriptions and technical sheets COLLECTIONS BOOK. mm £14.94 16   Dimensions 010 003 9987. Matching wall and floor tiles. Note delivery services maybe delayed due to COVID. Now a new era begins with the range that has a smart... Kalebodur ––––––––––– Light+ LIGHT + — by Isao Hosoe Eine auffallende Kollektion, die vom Licht geleitet wird. 7.8 Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes to the cost of raw materials and exchange rates. 330x330 11 mm Page: 1/200 Tiles per box — Allows installation of tiles from top towards — Easily trowellable. The Artisan selection is a tribute to Portuguese tile art through the reinterpretation and reproduction of patterns that make us travel through the history of this noble art. Dimensions Yalın duruşunun içinde zekice tasarlanmış bir ruh taşıyan seriyle beraber banyolar için yepyeni bir çağ başlıyor. mm  mm — Allows installation of tiles from top towards the — Extended open time. m2 ... Price per Sq. Tiles per sq. *Prices are pre-tax. 14 Dimensions *Prices are pre-tax. We sell Canakkale Seramik also known as Kalebodur in the UK online. Developed using precious materials and offering premium performance with contemporary style, Signature Collection is designed to meet the... RAK Ceramics presenta Signature Collection, la piu’ aggiornata e sofisticata selezione di prodotti pensata per fornire infinite soluzioni ad ogni vostra esigenza di progettazione. revive concrete revive concrete XL. 8.5 Dimensions Dimensions Easy to clean and stain-resistant, we have a large variety of garage floor tiles for you to choose from. Thickness Die Light+ Serie, die durch die verschiedenen Winkel des Lichts entstand, spricht diejenigen an, die das perfekte Design suchen.   Metre 15 Search in Kale catalogs and technical brochures on ArchiExpo and find the information you need in 1 click. 330x330   Trustpilot . 10 Tiles per box FLOOR: REVIVE CONCRTE XL CONCRETE GREY 120X120 CM. WALL: REVIVE CONCRETE ACTIVE WHITE 30X60CM, REVIVE CONCRETE CONCRETE GREY 30X60CM, REVIVE CONCRETE GRAPHITE GREY 30X60CM, REVIVE CONCRETE PITCH BLACK 30X60CM FLOOR: REVIVE CONCRETE SUMMER SAND 37X75CM, REVIVE CONCRETE XL ACTIVE WHITE REVIVE Concrete XL Concrete GREY REVIVE CONCRETE XL SUMMER SAND Other solutions available 90x180 cm * 9 mm sizes obtained by press productions Name Code Thickness(MM) Size(CM) Packaging are available upon request | L'imballaggio e disponibi.e su richiesta | Les embaliages sont disponibl.es sur demande | Verpackungen sind auf Anfrage erhal.tl.ich | ynaKOBKa npegocTaB/meTca no 3anpocy.