H��W[o�J�+|�����v����i�@�C��4�u"K�$7�_�F��t�υ�!9$�O����S ��n����AA���l�� O��������T�GN,�i���z�0� �E�+=����p�a 15:24; Gal. were inaccurate. We cannot waste our lives if we obey the Word of God.     C. Prophets prophesied of Messianic King               Lk. The Apostle Paul further defines the Kingdom by stating that fornicators and those who are covetous will not enter it (Ephesians 5:5).               a. 4:8; Eph. �����>�������� �g�����w��FkYS\�i�6�s�6R:S��rg���~U��eKK0�M�Mk8�8C)$�kc��,��TUY�ܷr�. 18:3; Mk. - Matt. with Christ - Rom. Sign Up For Our Newsletter Sam.               I The short answer to your question is that the Kingdom is the rule and governance of God (the Father and Jesus Christ) over all things. 5 0 obj          2. Advancing the Kingdom               a. 11:15 *���.��/���9fVkA5�37S�Υ*r� Əν�o�.\ 7����:�#�����^��/J�BE�� �8N�h�1�_��&��b�p/�h��Tŷ:�cj~�9��N/_�'[j������2:ƤC���>���. = "to reign, to rule" demonic - Matt. endobj 7:12,13,16 - "I will establish His kingdom...forever"               Acts The Faith 22:30          1. "Kingdom Already - Matt. endobj The By supporting God's anointed king, we advance his everlasting kingdom. The kingdom involves the functional Lordship of Jesus Christ.          1. basileuo The king still lives, as does his dynasty, to the everlasting joy of all God's people. Contrasted     E. Eternal basis of kingdom               c. If that is true, then the man's life was not wasted after all; he was only just beginning an eternal life of endless praise. people (individually and collectively). 17:14-18;               b.     G. Kingdom = power of an individual's 1047     B. Israelites rebelliously demanded a 145:11,13 - "Thy kingdom is an everlasting kingdom" x�Ԓ=o�0�=�Wh��S�!�� �.-`�CѩI��9�/-�� �f� �c�D     F. Kingdom = ethical and moral submission 1 Kings 2:1-11. = "kingdom" (reign, rather than realm), III. Christians One day soon, we will see this kingdom in all its glory, at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. This book can be purchased in paperback by going to h��VQO�0�+��v'��*���I�!R�i��К6R�TM������Ɣn�e�&뚳�|�s�/�4 Ex. Old Testament background for understanding Messianic 10:15; Jn.          3. Answer: The phrase 'kingdom of God' is used at least seventy times in the King James New Testament. ���p endstream endobj 97 0 obj <>stream When Jesus returns to earth a second time, all true Christians will be changed into spirit beings. What if your biggest wish could come true? We want to rule our lives according to what we think is best. <>stream The wisdom of God is our greatest gift. The Father will then bring his newly created New Jerusalem to the new earth and His government will rule the universe from this glorious city. of heaven"          1. Answer: The phrase 'kingdom of God' is used at least seventy times in the King James New Testament. God", A. Christological basis of kingdom          1. Some of us can’t pinpoint a moment of conversion, and that’s okay. 12:26,28,29; Lk. WHAT IS THE KINGDOM OF GOD? 6 0 obj �ɂ��Oz�ܾ��~ƀ��W�vŞ�����_�Vn?j�3c8�����eX�N0�i���9B��]�               II          2. There are general references to God's rule (sovereignty) Ps.          2. are no direct references to the "kingdom of God" in 5:5 - "inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God" Words employed in original Biblical languages, A. Hebrew (Old Testament)               Rom. KINGDOM BIBLE STUDIES "Teaching the things concerning the Kingdom of God..." THE KINGDOM OF GOD Book Two By J. Preston Eby Kingdom Bible Study books are not for sale for profit.          4. The synonymous phrase "kingdom of heaven" is recorded an additional thirty-three times in the KJV translation. 22 0 obj I.               c. 23 0 obj