Even when searing chicken breasts, chops, and burgers, less scrubbing to clean the pan is necessary. If you’ve found different results in your own research, email us and we’ll compare notes. Want to know what's cooking at Lodge Cast Iron? We believe this is the most versatile size as it’s large enough to hold enough food for a one-dish dinner whether it’s simmered, or fried on the stovetop, or baked in the oven. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, These 5 Brands Have the Most Reliable New Cars, Yeti Is Selling off a Hoard of Discontinued Gear. This pan fits my Kitchen aid oven just fine and it cooks everything nice and even. With most beloved pieces of our original line of cast iron cookware, we know the reasoning behind creation and can tell you all about the inspiration for design. On the opposite side, there’s a large helper handle that does just what it’s supposed to do, help, so you get a good grasp when you’re carrying a skillet loaded with peach cobbler to the table. The interior has a matte black enamel surface that is somewhat stick resistant but will never substitute for a traditional nonstick coating. As part of our skillet testing, we heated oil to fry chicken. And yes, I’ve made more than my share of cornbread in the cast-iron skillet that once belonged to my grandmother. Are the high-priced pans worth the investment? Eggs stuck to the pan, leaving behind gunk to scrub off. By the time our tests were finished, patches of seasoning had been stripped off, exposing the bare metal underneath. However, it also leaves less room for oil when you’re making fried chicken. Unfortunately, in our cooking tests, it didn’t perform as well as skillets costing about an eighth of the price. Every Cast-Iron Skillet Obsessive Needs This Clever Storage Solution, The 25 Best Things to Cook in a Cast-Iron Skillet, If You Have a Finex Cast-Iron Skillet, You Need This, This Extra-Large Cast-Iron Skillet Is Built Like a Vintage Skillet, Everything You Need to Know About Cast-Iron Skillets. To begin with, the first corn bread we baked stuck to the pan. It’s a beauty for items like a Dutch baby pancake or a frittata that you want to serve right from the pan at the table. These are the best cast-iron skillets we tested ranked, in order: Lodge Chef Collection 12-Inch ; Lodge Blacklock 39 12-Inch Triple-Seasoned; Lodge Classic; Staub Cast-Iron 12-Inch Fry Pan; Ayesha Curry Cast-Iron Skillet Before becoming a cooking tools maven, she worked as a professional chef in New York City restaurants for seven years. Here's Your Chance, The Ford Mustang Mach-E Will Start Under $35K, Get Our Favorite Cast Iron Skillet on Sale Now, This 400-Mile Toyota FJ Cruiser Could Be Yours. However, that didn’t handicap it when it came to releasing food. Wondering what seasoning is? A cast-iron skillet is a real workhorse. But I’ve been cooking at home for even longer and now crank out two meals a day, every day. It’s the deepest pan we tested and among the widest which means you can load it up with the most food to cook at once. Durable – This pan will take any kind of abuse form you without needing to be replaced. Its story varies from person to person. The feet on the bottom of the original pan were removed for more versatile use indoors, and we've included steel bail handles within each package for easy lift and carry. Built for hosting the perfect fish fry, or to make a large casserole, cast iron users and collectors have loved using this pan when feeding a crowd. This should come as no surprise as Staub's Dutch oven is another Reviewed favorite. The Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet is proudly made in the US and with a high cooking performance and long-term durability, this heavy-duty, outstanding skillet is an excellent choice.. Discover why this pan is a must-have for your kitchen—especially if you often cook for a crowd. Reviews, The process calls for one hour in the oven aftere coating with oil. If you buy from a link, we may earn a commission. First thing before considering this great pan, measure your oven to be sure it will fit. The first thing you'll notice is that it looks different. To be notified when it’s available for purchase, sign up for our e-newsletter or follow us on social via the links at the bottom of this page. Although the octagonal shape creates a lot of pour spouts around the perimeter, they are prone to dribbles. If you want the heat retention properties of cast-iron without the maintenance, the enameled Staub Cast-Iron 12-Inch Fry Pan is our top choice. We plan to release one from the vault every year, re-mastered to meet the needs of today’s cast iron users. Every product is carefully selected by our editors. The Fish Pan follows as the second installment. If you have a lot of stuck-on bits, you can soak your pan briefly but don’t leave it filled with soapy water during dinner or overnight. Because cast iron is sturdy and can take all kinds of abuse from you. This can be scary if it's filled with bubbling oil. Get smarter about what you're buying. If you prefer a pan with higher sides for frying or braising, the Lodge Pre-Seasoned 12-inch Cast Iron Skillet is an excellent option. Go ahead and clean your skillet with dishwashing liquid, hot water, and a sponge, gentle brush, or nonabrasive scrubbing pad. Two handles: integrated handle and silicone holder handle, Heat-resistant removable red silicone handle cover, Secure-fitting lid with self-basting condensation ridges, Vibrant, graduated cobalt porcelain-enamel exterior, Matte black porcelain enamel cooking surface, Some foods may stick to the enameled cooking surface, Cast iron material is thinner than other skillets, Excellent even heat distribution and superior heat retention, Spacious cooking surface for multiple servings and larger ingredients, Durable black enamel finish requires no seasoning, Strong integrated iron handle and extra helper handle, Some foods may stick to the enameled interior.