There are good vi... Read more. Like the Izmi this comes with an infant insert cushion for newborns which is included in the price, and with 4 carrying positions ranging from birth up to 20kg this offers long lasting appeal for parents who want to get their money’s worth. I suggest try it out and see how you go. It has a hood/sunshade that will help shade your baby too - and a large hat for you also helps. I have only been wearing him on the front from birth till now. It’s got 4 carrying positions but with a lower weight limit of 15kg it’s only suitable for up to around 18 months, similar to the Integra Size 1 carrier and not with the longevity of most other carriers on this list. These do not influence our content moderation policies in any way, though may earn commissions for products/services purchased via affiliate links. I am able to take our toddler to playgroup while carrying our 2 month old and feel confident. wow.. just tried the manduca- amazing! © 2020 Pty. Sam Summer’s Hut behind us kids backpack carrier for longer distance walks when kids were older as there is storage space as well); 100% cotton and healthy positioning for you baby! I mean, all of them. Very occasionally but she says it’s comfy whilst others she refuses to go in anymore. There's always a myth that Sheep milk... It comes in a wide variety of vibrant patterns and plain block colours, and although the Ergobaby has 2 additional carrying positions, the Boba X also has a really useful zipped pocket for keys and phone, which is a great added feature. Just ring us on 02 9905 0199 if you still have problems, we have a Certified Babywearing Instructor here. Age suitability: Newborn to toddler (3.2kg to 20.4kg), Number of carrying positions: 3 (back, front and hip). has affiliate partnerships. We love our Manduca, it's comfy for me and my bubs. I can be super mum and play, carry and keep my girls safe comfortably. Our reviewer says: “The 2 little pockets on the strap which goes around your waist are fantastic. Ideal for smaller newborns, slings differ from baby carriers in that they don’t usually have clips, buckles or buttons, and have to be tied to fit securely, which will take practice. Our Members get the full picture, with all the Best Buy and Don’t Buy products. It adjusts really well and fits babies from a few weeks old (once they’ve started to “uncurl”) and fits well to 2-3yrs. The Manduca Baby Carrier is available … Hi 45rpm sorry to hear that - but have you tried crossing the straps behind you? A sling is (usually) a stretchy or woven long piece of fabric that wraps around you and lets you carry your baby against your body (front or back). Great product, adjusts well to smaller sized hips and shoulders. It comes in a range of vibrant colours and patterns compared with the plain block colours of the Ergobaby, although it doesn’t offer a front facing carrying position, which the Ergobaby does. So comfortable, didn't even feel like I had bub on or that had to provide extra support for her, I could exercise and move around and she felt super secure! Our baby carriers and slings reviews cover fit, safety, comfort, durability and ease of use. Manduca is one of the only carriers that can do this and many wearers feel more comfortable that way. ttling and hugs, but my arms are shot from carrying him all day - you guessed it, in the Manduca. I always recommend this carrier as I love it so much, Good points - waist harness, integrated hood, can use almost from new born. Our tester says: “This is a great carrier. It has similar straps to the Ergobaby but only offers 2 carrying positions. The more heavy the baby the more baby put pressure when you carry facing's not good for your back also for the baby. This carrier has been amazing for our family. I purchased the Manduca a few months ago, and it has been excellent. The Integra comes in a great range of prints for style-conscious parents, most of which are machine washable, although spot-cleaning is recommended for some. The only thing I would say is it would be fab to have more colours available but all in all a very high-quality product that baby was very relaxed in.”, Age suitability: Babies from 3.2kg to 15kg. I also have very small babies and had no issues we used the size it for my first with my second bub I couldnt find it so just used a ribbon which worked great.It can be a bit more fiddley than other carriers to put on but I wouldn't say it's difficult at all.