People who practice Judaism believe the sacred writings are contained where? What two features gave Mesopotamia it's fertile land to be able to grow food? What were the agricultural supplies in Mesopotamia? (fill in the blanks!). - FOOD SOURCE (fish) This pyramid shaped temple rose above each city in early Mesopotamia. About the author. What was King Hammurabi most well-known for? Click HERE to join our Game Creators Club! Grains, however, were the staple food of the Mesopotamians. What is an ancient writing system developed by Sumerians made up of wedge-sharpened markings. What concept did Mesopotamia invent to help grow crops? What was the first religion of the people of Mesopotamia? What is the effect of a class system on a society? What did the Mesopotamians use as their currency? What did Mesopotamia's specifically use for softening crops, did they administrate well their resources? This privileged class enjoyed a social rank above all others except the king. Another name for Mesopotamia based on inventions and ideas we use today. What were most of there houses made out of? 164 times. A source of entertainment in Mesopotamia. This mix of rich soil and tiny rocks floods the lands around the Mesopotamia every year. Art/architecture is an important ingredient for any civilization. Which Babylonian King quoted 'Eye for an Eye' ? Los fenicios construyeron _________grandes con velas para navegar en el mar. It affects who has power and who does less desirable jobs. This king of Babylon created the famous "hanging gardens". This modern day country is the same land as Mesopotamia/The Fertile Crescent. In the Summer, what was the average temperature of Mesopotamia? Tribal tensions led to the separation of the Israel state into two states, what were the two states? What is built walls and organized military forces. Included you will find:Ancient Mesopotamia and Sumer Geography Scavenger, *** Named a Best Bet in Education by USA Today *** Israelites taught there was only one god named what? It was composed on 12 clay tablets in cuneiform. Farming The earliest village settlements appear in north Mesopotamia from around 8000 B.C. This civilization's form of writing was called Cuneiform. 25 questions / Mesopotamia Mesopotamia 2 Mesopotamia 3 Mesopotamia 4 Phoenicians and Indo-Europeans, 25 questions / LOCATION RELIGION PEOPLE ACHIEVEMENTS RULERS, 25 questions / Famous People Life in Mesopotamia All about Mesopotamia Mesopotamian Definitions Completely Random not relating to Social Studies, 25 questions / Economy Religion Society Geography Government, 25 questions / Social Political Interactions Cultural Economics, This empire’s hierarchy consisted of elites, commoners, and peasants, This empire used a decentralized city-state rule, This empire was located in present-day Turkey and Iraq. Mesopotamia was located in a area called the Fertile Crescent. What are the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers? Persia's rapid growth, under Cyrus's Rule, was due to its ________________ __________________. 2) Specialized workers True or False: The Sumerians believed in about 3000 gods. What did the people of Mesopotamia use instead of medicine? What is another name for a city? The region of Mespotamia is located in the present day country of? What did Mesopotamians make their furniture out of? Excavate and analyze three significant locations to make connections and deduct facts about the people who lived, worked and played there. EGYPT D2.Civ.1.3-5. The largest building in most Sumerian cities was a huge mud brick temple called? What are 2 ways the Sumerians used wheels? What concept did Mesopotamia invent to record how long something is? How did Sargon create the world's first empire? The Excavate! A story about a king who battles monsters and travels the world with his friend. This empire had a fun and exciting river, Tigris and Euphrates, that created an unpredictable agriculture and lifestyle, 25 questions / Mesopotamia Mesopotamia Egypt Egypt Mesopotamia & Egypt. In addition to reforming schools, and completing the Great Ziggurat of Ur, King Shulgi of Ur is perhaps best known for doing this. History. What did Mesopotamians trade surplus grain for? they would kill lions for entertainment for the king. This pyramid is often used to describe various social classes. Las escribieron en la stela para que todos supieran las leyes. What areas of life did Hammurabi code cover? What is assisted and learned their dads' job? What is the name for mother earth goddess? This was the largest empire in Mesopotamia. List three different instruments used in Mesopotamia. A storytelling format originally used in ancient civilizations using relief on sculpted surfaces. A animal that people in Mesopotamia hunted. Who was the first civilization in Mesopotamia? What is the largest country in Europe based on population? A piece of art that they made that is still around today. In the Beginning is a Project Based Learning (PBL)/ Game Based Learning (GBL) Simulation that will last about 5 weeks of teaching. What is the rich people of mesopotamia called? Who was on top of the social structure pyramid? What was the temple in Mesopotamia called? What were the two rivers Mesopotamia was in between? What number is Mesopotamia's number system based off of? Achievements of the Golden Age Pericles wanted Athens to become "the school of Greece." This ingredient ensures that people have enough to eat. What is the tigris river and the euphrates river. In which city did archaeologists find clay tablets explaining farming in Ancient Mesopotamia? a holy temple in mesopotamia that is translated to meen mountain in heaven. What does that mean? The Mesopotamians had how many great gods? Source of Religion The Egyptians believed that their religion was important to their survival in the Nile Valley. These are the types of plants that grow in Mesopotamia. He was by far the best known individual of ancient Mesopotamia? It was meant to preserve the body for the afterlife. Better agriculture techniques helped Sumerians produce more food and _________________ began to grow. Assyrians also used *iron weapons* which were stronger than bronze. The ziggurat served two purposes. This Mesopotamia king is perhaps most famous for his law code which gave birth to the phrase "an eye for an eye.". The Assyrians did not make pottery or statues. Before civilizations began people did this for food. Sumerians developed a seed funnel they attached to their plows and the seeds automatically dropped into the soil. One game that people in Mesopotamia played. This city came to power under the rule of Hammurabi, but quickly began to decline after his death. a land that has high hills and lush valleys. (?) What two geographical features enabled the development of ancient Mesopotamia? At first the scribes of Sumer marked picture symbols in pieces of what? India will be added in the future, at which time the price will increase. Under King ___________________, Babylon became the center of a new Mesopotamian Empire. One Mesopotamians greatest inventions. This desert is to the south of Mesopotamia. At the top of Mesopotamian Society were ______ and then ______. Who is the king who conquered mesopotamia in 2340 b.c. nbeahan. They assigned a governor to each. This governor of Ur declared himself King of Sumer after defeating Gutian invaders, only to drown in a river shortly after. In the Excavate! God of wind 25 questions / Mesopotamia Mesopotamia 1 Mesopotamia 2 Mesopotamia 3 Mesopotamia 4.