Mindfulness Techniques for Sleep and Relaxation There are a variety of mindfulness techniques we can use to bring about a greater sense of peace and stillness as we prepare for sleep. Stop looking at mobile phone Screens are now everpresent in our lives. It is the hormone that stimulates hunger. (2012). Having something to do, such as moving certain muscles, or fingers will help that happen. This was initially developed by the US Navy Pre-Flight School to train pilots how to fall asleep in under two minutes in any condition day or night. Lastly, for those that go to bed with anxious thoughts about the day ahead, it can be helpful to write a to-do list before or after dinner to organize yourself. Hold that breath for a count of around 4-5 seconds. I’m sure Google and Facebook would love to be able to hook us up to the hivemind even when we’re dreaming. Try this guided meditation to help you settle down and drift off. But in our fast-paced world, increased feelings of stress and anxiety can prevent people from tapping into the healing power of sleep. The breath is a wonderful anchor to redirect an anxious mind – and, as we’ve uncovered, it helps to bring about the body’s relaxation response. The NHS recommends stopping drinking coffee at least six hours before going to bed. Modern day distractions like work and social media can prevent us from noticing our thoughts until our head hits the pillow, and these racing thoughts can easily turn into anxiety. By the time you get to your shoulders, you might even be asleep. Maintaining an underlying threshold of mindfulness, along with being able to handle upset, will help us protect our sleep from disruption. Mindfulness practice encourages nonjudgmental awareness—seeing things exactly as they are, with openness and curiosity. Meditate daily. Daily Morning Running for 3 Weeks Improved Sleep and Psychological Functioning in Healthy Adolescents Compared With Controls. Whatever mindful choices we make here depends upon our unique circumstances and the root causes of our personal sleep struggles. It has also been found to increase melatonin, a hormone that plays a crucial role in maintaining the sleep-wake cycle. Do they feel heavy or light? Even temporary sleep loss is known to reduce memory performance. Focusing on the good can evoke pleasant emotions and help soothe you to sleep. Sean Fargo, founder of Mindfulness Exercises and the Mindfulness Exercises Institute, is a highly sought-after mindfulness teacher, coach, and consultant. I am doing my Master in MIndfulness and the article really gave me a lot of resources to develop new skills and help others. Repeat this process around ten times, or until you feel completely relaxed. You’ll be able to start  your day with a more rich perspective and sense of interconnectedness. Make sure your eyes are closed, and completely relaxed. Meditation can help get you there. Then move to your cup of coffee or tea. Then it’s time to put away the technology and implement the techniques. light, noise), Lifestyle demands (i.e. Tighten your bicep for a moment, then allowing it to relax and go limp. Felder, J. N., Laraia, B., Coleman-Phox, K., Bush, N., Suresh, M., Thomas, M., … Prather, A. Mindful's newsletters deliver practices, research, and special offers from our Mindful community straight to your inbox. Think of the face as the window to your Emotions. Over the years, I have learned that what you focus on expands. If you ever wake up because you’re hungry, blame the gremlin known as ghrelin. If you don’t feel relaxed, then get a bit more adventurous and think of a particular muscle, such as your calf. He is the author of How Children Thrive: The Practical Science of Raising Independent, Resilient, and Happy Kids (Sounds True, 2018). Spinner Rings for Anxiety – Do they really work? Do your best to not squint of frown. Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D., recommends trying these three science-backed techniques for cultivating a better attitude about sleep and preparing yourself for a good night’s rest. As our physiology transitions into a peaceful state of being, so too does the mind. I knew that sleeping pills and supplements can be dangerous and cause serious side effects. blood sugar levels), Instantly download all of our best worksheets, categorized by 8 topics, Includes writable fields to write your reflections, answers and journal entries, Organized by meditation, health, relationships, career, self-discovery, purpose and more. We’ve collected our top guided meditations and movement practices for an email series specifically designed to support you in your mindfulness journey toward healthy sleep. Close your eyes or open your mind: Effects of sleep and mindfulness exercises on entrepreneurs’ exhaustion. 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