While the government in place has not put an official curfew in the capital of Juba, there is a self-imposed curfew. Some of the things that make it dangerous include kidnappings, crime, and terrorism. Which Country Is The Most Dangerous In Africa? Over the years now, Burundi has been involved in lots of political conflicts. Its GDP per capita ranked by purchasing power parity is the lowest in the world per year 2017. The safest and most dangerous countries in Africa. One thing that makes Mali attractive to tourists is the presence of a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Timbuktu. It will help you in case of an emergency. A country where the police have been ranked as the worst in the world, what do you expect, the lives of the people are no longer safe. Since the year 1998, from research calculations and some Studies reviewed it has been known that 5.4 million people died from conflict-related causes in Congo. There are a shocking two million children at risk of starvation, while the conflict has forced the displacement of over 4.5 million inhabitants. Many do not really know about the Central Africa Republic, but they are one of the most dangerous countries in Africa. The nation gained independence from Italy back in 1951. In most cases, the timing of the curfew changes depending on the conflict of the day. This country boasts vast natural resources but has not been able to capitalize on them because of poor infrastructure, political instability in government, severe corruption, and little development despite several hundred years of colonial exploitation and theft by the Belgians and their imperialist King Leopold. The crisis has led to many killings, many mass atrocities. English is the unifying language as over 500 individual languages are spoken in the country. At this point, Muammar Gaddafi overthrew the king in the “bloodless coup.” He presided over the Libyan Cultural Revolution during the year 1973 up to the point he died in the Libyan Civil War in year 2011. Victor Mochere is an award winning blogger, social media influencer, literati savant, altruistic, and a netpreneur creating and marketing digital content. While the list contains names of nine nations in Africa considered dangerous, Libya is probably the most dangerous. A Highlight of the Most Corrupt Countries in Africa: Is Kenya There? Namibia is the second most dangerous country to live in Africa, according to Numbeo. South Africa, is the second most dangerous African country, behind Nigeria, Angola. The Islamic country is also the 16th biggest on the planet by land. Armed robbery, drug dealing, Kidnapping for ransom, car theft, terrorism and Police brutality are some crimes that are rife in Nigeria. One of the reasons why Chad is not the safest country to visit as a tourist is because of the increasing rate of crime. The insurgents suffered the loss of the majority of their territory (that they had managed to seize over the past decades) by 2012 mid-year. It relies heavily on livestock, telecommunications, and overseas Somalis remitting money back home to their families. All rights reserved. Some of the most insecure places to visit are Yobe, Borno, and Northern Adamawa states in Northern Nigeria. Mali is the large landlocked nation found in West Africa. The Islamic country … The website has a lot of political behavior on it. Crime in Angola rose by 57% in 2018. Oxford - one of the most prestigious... John Hawkins urged the Africans to enter his ship “Jesus of Lubeck,” also known as “The Good Ship Jesus.” for salvation, those who entered... South Africa police on friday fired teargas at opposition activists protesting against alleged racism at a Cape Town school where a whites-only year-end dance... South Africa, Botswana and Ghana has been ranked as Africa's best place to be a woman entrepreneur, according to a new report released Monday. 700,000 Chadians have been displaced from their homes, 180,000 Chadians have also been forced from their homes within three years. Muggings, armed robbery, and carjacking are common. An attempt to set up democracy ensued. Awut Deng Achuil,... Kenya's Kenyatta University has beaten the UK's Oxford University in the semi-finals of a competition for aspiring lawyers. Your email address will not be published. The crisis facing Ethiopia is the conflict with Eritrean for more than ten years now, this has been happening. While the police try to maintain law and order, they tend to respond aggressively, thus resulting in civilian casualties. This has increased the rate of political conflicts. The country does not have an international airport that extremist groups cannot target. Only India and China have larger youth populations than does Nigeria. Ghanaian criminals are not known to be violent, but criminal activity does occur and can range from incidents of petty crime to opportunistic crime, to violent crime such as robbery, burglary, kidnappings and serious assault that can include the use of weapons. It is inferred that fewer terrorist acts, lower crime rates, fewer violent demonstrations, stable politics, good relations with neighboring states, and a low number of displaced citizens will indicate that a country is peaceful. As of January 2020, Numbeo rated the crime in Namibia at 67.21 out of a possible crime score of 100, indicating it as being high. Among the 15 African Countries ranked South Africa Namibia, Angola Nigeria and Libya all made the top 5 most dangerous countries in Africa. If you notice an error or typo that needs correction, please don’t hesitate to contact us for immediate action. Required fields are marked *. Here at Listwand, we are devoted to helping Africans and the whole world in general get relevant and valuable African contents ranging from the happenings, tribes, rankings and cultures of peoples of African origin in both Africa and the African diaspora. South Africa is typically ranked 3/5 by regulated security firm data which have obligations to give out accurate information. South Africa has very high crime levels (South African cities also dominate the city rankings) with a crime rating of 77.49 out of a possible crime score of 100, according to Numbeo as of January 2020. The Human Development Index shows it to be the second worst-ranked out of 189 nations too per year 2019. Kidnapping has nowhere been the order of the day in Nigeria, if not due to the recent successful operations of the police to catch one of the kidnappers’ kingpins in Nigeria, since then, the rate of kidnapping has reduced in Nigeria. I am not sure why you put our state picture (Tamil Nadu, India) under Democratic Republic of Congo. The crime rate in Zimbabwe took a high rate when Robert Mugabe and his rival Morgan Tsvangirai are seating at the top posts of the government seats in the country. If you are planning to travel to any of the countries listed above, put an exit plan in place. The assertion is that low crime rates, minimal incidences of terrorist acts and violent demonstrations, harmonious relations with neighbouring countries, a stable political scene and a small proportion of the population being internally displaced or refugees can be suggestive of peacefulness. It has suffered the rule of numerous unstable military regimes alternating with parliamentary democracies since then. Numbeo rated the crime in Angola at 64.97 out of a possible crime score of 100, indicating it as being high. UN workers, humanitarians, and government ministers have all fallen victim. These areas are risky because of increased terrorist activities. The rivalries between religious beliefs, language, and political power burst into a violent civil war between the National Islamic Front-backed government armies and the Sudan People’s Liberation Army-backed southern rebels.