The first number is for dust ingression the second number is for water resistance . It's possible they can be addressed separately by the driver, which would mean that special editions with two independent emitters could be possible - that's what Nitecore did with the THUMB LEO in the past. UI for this light is suitable for Every Day Carry (EDC) as it is rather straightforward to use. Its so much better having a beam like this on the TIP it works so well. We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light --- Plato, As I wrote in another thread Dimension: 62.6mm (length) x 13.4mm (height) x 26.9mm (width) [excluding clip], Weight: 38.3g (including Battery & excluding Clip). Honestly I feel like I can throw away my normal EDC flashlight. Overall I challenge you to show me a flashlight that can compete with the TIP? The top side of the light has the brand, model, and regulatory info etched into the anodizing. Turning 30 means no more acting up right? How does the mcpcb keep a good contact with the aluminium shelf? The strong magnets have no issues holding the light in place. Holding the TIP2 in your hand, it does feel about the size and weight of an average modern car key fob, maybe a couple ounces heavier. With the LED used, the beam is more suited for recognising items in the up-close and near distance only. I dati riportati sono stati misurati in base agli standard internazionali ANSI/NEMA FL1 in condizioni di laboratorio. Just stay away from V1 and buy yourself the V2. Quiqlite TAQ Wallet review – Is it a wallet or a multi-tool? The small form factor with 720 lumens burst output, relatively deep carry & removable pocket clip, direct access to MOMENTARY TURBO, strong dual magnets, covered Micro-USB port and easy detachment from the tailcap-keychain attachment are all plus points for this flashlight. However, Nitecore probably went with a MOMENTARY TURBO instead, as a light of this size does get uncomfortably warm rather quickly. You may think I am joking but I am serious. APPLY TO REVIEW TIP (Discontinued) Apply to test new product of Nitecore to experience latest design and cutting-edge technology you have never seen. I would have purchased the TIP2 but I will not spend close to $50 knowing that if it breaks their warranty is worthless. Scanning the QR code with your phone/tablet on the box’s back would bring up the Nitecore TIP2’s product page. The built-in battery might seem as a major disadvantage to some but it helps decreases the overall size of the flashlight. Yea Nitecore doesn’t let them ship to the UK any more. with sugru), but there's not much we can do with screw's threads (they are at the bottom -red at TIP Winter- part) and USB charging port place. I took my apart the drain is still a tad high coming in at 88 micro amps when locked out but that is acceptable. Some pictures have been adjusted slightly to depict as close as to what is seen in real life. The included clip wraps around the light, protecting it from scratches and making the buttons a bit more recessed. There is only 1 type of Power Indicator for this flashlight. I was not paid to write this review, and have tried to be as unbiased as possible. It’s nice to know any potential issues ahead of time and your great pictures and description made the mod go quickly. Starting with the head of the light, you can see the TIR nestled in the bezel/body, with no apparent seams. Its rugged design and diminutive size, along with a magnetic tail and multipurpose clip, makes it highly versatile. This is … Just enough to see where you’re going without ruining your night vision, or to just leave on, clipped to a backpack or hat brim. I will add in you can clearly see from the photos how bright the Nitecore TIP really is. If you do this, you could very well break your light and will definitely void your warranty. TIP2 with the Tailcap-Keychain attachment removed: For a purely Micro-USB chargeable-only flashlight, it is a little strange that Nitecore did not include a Micro-USB cable as part of the provided accessories with its current MSRP price. To sum up, we believe that the most important part of any review is if given the chance to purchase the same light for our own EDC/usage or to gift to our loved ones out from one’s pocket (wallet), would we still do it? This makes for an acceptable size keychain edc, especially since the tailcap-keychain can be quickly detached from an attached bunch of keys and used as a flashlight, due to the onboard dual magnets that holds the tailcap-keychain attachment to the flashlight. Turbo is treated as a true turbo, and can only be activated momentarily. The V1 TIPs had a battery drain issue in lockout. On a plus note the Nitecore TIP comes with a drop resistance of 1.5 meters which is more then enough for EDC use. The light comes in a black box, and includes: Note that a micro-USB cable isn't included, but you probably have enough of those flying around by now. The Nitecore TIP is what the Nitecore tube should have been. Yea! As with all gears, two is one and one is none. Grazie alla clip da cintura potrei usare questa torcia come torcia frontale, ma purtroppo non ha le modalità SOS o Localizzazione come la NU25 che ti permettono di renderti visibile a distanza in caso di necessità. It is built with Nitecore quality and is made for every one with its ease of use. NITECORE’s TIP2, the sequel product to their TIP keychain LED flashlight, is compact, rugged, and all the brightness you’ll likely need out of something this small. The Nitecore TIP turns on the red LED under the buttons when it is charging and changes to green when the charging is complete. Its overall output is massive and its size is small and tiny. The light includes a pocket clip, magnets, and a keyring to carry it around. The Nitecore TIP is made out of the usual HAIII military grade hard-anodized which is a major upgrade compared to the Nitecore tube because that was made out of plastic. I am not sure how they do it well Nitecore say its because of there Advanced temperature regulation but I think its black magic. We will see what Santa brings in his sack (Ball sack). It stayed on for 86 minutes, 11 longer than the time listed in the manual. Read on! I like to think of this like two Auroras glued together. Questa torcia è dotata anche di sistema di indicazione della carica residua della batteria, infatti premendo il pulsante MODE  l’indicatore di ricarica blu emetterà dei lampeggi: La torcia risulta a priva vista davvero compatta, ma ben realizzata i pulsanti rispondo alla perfezione, sono del tipo ad incasso, cosi non si ha il pericolo di schiacciarli involontariamente, il corpo interno della torcia è realizzato in alluminio, nasce da un blocco di alluminio pieno lavorato e scavato con macchine a controllo numerico, la parte esterna è in metallo nero. Disclaimer: Light was provided for by Nitecore (manufacturer) for this review. The model didn’t provoke my interest until a recent trip to Illumination Supply, where I decided to pick one up for a cool $30. I guess that is why they are the Christmas editions I actually like the colors being mixed because its not often you would see a flashlight that looks like this with mixed colors.