So, I am sorry for having to end on this note, but the PANS are all-the-way-on point! I can cook anything pretty much on it and it wouldnt stick. If you think how hard it is to cook fish these no stick ceramic pans are great for cooking fish, fish sticks in any other pan than these and what happens to Teflon as it slowly comes off pans it goes inside your body is Teflon good for us? Below are the key points we found during our tests of the OrGreenic pan: Below is a short video we shot using the 8-inch OrGreenic pan for the first time. These instructions are included with the product, and tell you how to “season” the OrGreenic pan prior to use. I was told I would have to wait until the non anodized order arrived before I could cancel it. They also have a window you can throw your defective OrGreenics through, if you don't get satisfaction. "It is the law that i should not be charged until my product has shipped or left their facility" Instead of cancelling the 93 dollar order they shipped it and charged me two hours later for it. The pan needs to be "seasoned". In case you're not sure what to cook with your Orgreenic Diamond Granite Pan, or are bored with all your usual recipes, each pan comes with a book of recipes. Is Orgreenic Diamond Granite Pan a scam or a great buy? Stopped after about 3 minutes. Then I see a bill for 93 dollars for four more pans that I did not order. Besides, when one buys things on the internet or TV, it shouldn't be with the intention of returning the item. However, I did let some lettuce burn in the pan. I received them and was charged 46.96. The handle on each Orgreenic pan is double-riveted, which means that it'll be less likely to break off than the single-riveted handles found on some other kitchen pans. They try to hook you on the "Free" extra item or attempt to up-sell you to higher priced items and then stick you with exorbitant "shipping and handling" charges that you end up being screwed with, if you want to return an item on their money-back guarantees. I was VERY skeptical & my husband was even worse. Telling all about them. You can easily wipe it clean simply by running it under the water. These people have the most inefficient customer service people in the United States. The original Orgreenic kitchenware! Not as hard or time consuming as seasoning cast iron but VERY well worth it). Will Compression Clothing Will Make You Thinner and Healthier? When cooking on the stove, using oil and butter on the cooking surface of the pan makes it easier to sauté food. AND I MEAN EVERYTHING. You can use it as a reason to immediately reverse the charges on your credit card. If it's too good to be true then trust your gut and don't buy! This product’s metal round cap that holds the handle in place flew off like a bullet when heated in a relatively new used pan and could have caused serious injury to like losing an eye. Here is the thing: If you do not season this pan, the way they tell you too, then your sh*t will be f*cked up--period. I tell him that I don't want a trip and he hung up on me. We have, for example, an older Paula Deen pan of the same size which – after over a year of use – leaves less residue than the OrGreenic pan did on Day 1. I called immediately and requested an RMA# and they promised they would e-mail a return label within 48-72 hours to send the box back (which is going to cost me $29.99 to ship the box back). In fact it is better then teflon coated pans. You have to re-season them every 6 months or so. I love the frying pan. DO NOT REMOVE THEM FROM THE HEAT A MINUTE SOONER. We contacted OrGreenic’s customer service to ask them about the problems we had with the surface not performing as expected. I used these one year and coated them and baked them as instructed in manual with vegetable oil, and wash and dry them after each use I have in the past damaged pans because of lack of knowledge and no time to take care of them it can be costly, I have noticed they are hard to find in the USA I thought it was because they where not liked, the opposite is true they are liked so much they cant be bought. I didnt like the fact that I still got charged and it was being sent somewhere completely different then the address I had given. (2016 Update), Clear TV Antenna Reviews: Does it Really Work? Also the Teflon pans I have bought before have always chipped and ended up in our food. Also, be sure to follow the instructions to give them an initial "curing" process with vegetable oil. Seemed to be ok...cooked an egg and it stuck all over the pan! Record the phone conversation just in case. By using this website you agree to our Cookies Policy. I ordered the pan on Dec 4, and received it Dec 18. However, they should last much longer. Thank you ALL for your information, I will do my part and spread the word to stay away from these pans. AND STILL EVERYTHING STICKS TO IT, I WILL NOT EVEN TAKE IT TO MY THIFT STORE IT IS SO BAD. Pros: It does what they said it would. If you can purchase these non-stick cookware items in a retail store you may also be able to avoid payment and shipping issues. I don't think I would order from them again. Now I figure I'll send the pan back but it costs to do so. Have you tried the OrGreenic frying pan? This was in the hold on my debit card account. I was able to sample the frying pan when I discovered it in Walmart, made the purchase, used same happily for a time. Trying to clean these pans is a huge chore in itself! I am so glad I looked it up before going straight to their site. I do cook bacon frequently in mine, and drain the grease out of the pan before cooking the eggs. In addition, some of the customers received items they did not order and were charged for those additional items. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. The handle is still sturdy and no chipping of the coating inside. Consumer complaints and company contact information. If it lasts a year, the two pans for less than $30 were well worth it. Good thing I did write down their customer service number. BUT, I looked at my account, and I had been charged. Big solution: Walgreens has the 10 inch pan for $19.99 plus sales tax. No pan we own does that when this situation arises. Perhaps the knock off fakes were an attempt to discredit this product as it will destroy the teflon market once it catches on as it is not toxic. IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON PUCHASING THIS PROUCT THINK TWICE. Chickens can’t swim! My dad tries to take them from us. Now it's ready to use... Not even remotely...the oil cooled and stuck to the pan! Thank goodness I read the right review here before I purchased these... the review said that the reason most people were not getting good non-stick performance was because most people are seasoning the pans with olive oil, which has a low smoke point. The majority of consumer had unfavorable Orgreenic reviews. ... Orgreenic Ceramic Green Non-Stick Fry Pan 10. Ill be using these for everything I need in life. I think the majority ( or all) informercials like OrGreenics are scams, hawking cheap imported crap. They have a website, it cost more but it's worth it instead of going through all that. They charged me again, for the $36.95, and things are cool. They don't f*cking listen when you ask them shit, and they double-talk. No scam there. Cooking without the added fat and calories makes each meal healthier. Son in law is a wonderful cook. Pots boil water & cook at lower temp settings & fry pans are great with small amount of oil. 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