My holiday in London - You can use this text to practise "reported speech", Smoking ban in England - You can use this text to practise "reported speech". Gina told me that…. Reported statements in English. This is what we do when we share what other people have told us. ]|, [Der Polizist sagte uns: „Gehen Sie bitte weiter!“|Der Polizist sagte uns, wir sollen weitergehen. To do this, we had to change the sentence from present simple to past simple. © 2014 ABA English, LLC. Lösungen. 1120 Conversion of time phrases in Reported speech – Exercise 1 Advanced 1121 Reported commands – affirmative sentences – Exercise 1 Advanced . Hier lernst du die Regeln der indirekten Rede mit Erklärungen und Beispielsätzen.. Actually, I am a Ph.D. student these days. We are simply doing our duty , we are very luckily for we have teacher nabil sbaybi , the lucky is me to have such nice swag student like you ya Ayoub . ]|, [Der Tierpfleger sagte den Kindern: „Füttert die Tiere nicht!“|Der Tierpfleger sagte den Kindern, sie sollen die Tiere nicht füttern. Mit Lingolia Plus kannst du folgende 13 Zusatzübungen zum Thema „Reported Speech“ sowie 745 weitere Online-Übungen im Bereich Englisch drei Monate lang für nur 10,50 Euro nutzen. ]|Das Subjekt steht direkt hinter dem Fragewort|you→ she|Present Perfect → Past Perfect, [Der Fahrgast bat den Taxifahrer: „Halten Sie an!“|Der Fahrgast bat den Taxifahrer, das Auto anzuhalten. More reported speech exercises here. The back of the Student's Book contains peer review forms and a grammar reference section. Levels of exercise: Elementary Intermediate Advanced 1119 Backshift of tenses in Reported Speech – Exercise 1 Advanced . Reported Speech (B1) RS009 - Reported Commands; RS008 - Reported Questions; RS007 - Reported Speech; RS006 - Reported Speech; RS005 - Reported Speech; RS004 - Reported Speech; RS003 - Reported Speech; RS002 - Reported Speech - Mixed Exercises; RS001 - Reported Speech - Mixed Exercises Na du brauchst sie dann, wenn du etwas weiter geben möchtest, dass dir jemand erzählt hat! Reported Speech - Übungen. ]|, Two weeks ago, he said, “I visited this museum last week.”, She claimed, “I am the best for this job.”, Last year, the minister said, “The crisis will be overcome next year.”, My riding teacher said, “Nobody has ever fallen off a horse here.”, Last month, the boss said, “None of my employees have to work overtime.”, The tourists asked me, “Can you show us the way?”, The shop assistant asked the woman, “Which jacket have you already tried on?”, The passenger requested the taxi driver, “Stop the car.”, The mother told her son, “Don’t be so loud.”, The policeman told us, “Please keep moving.”, The zookeeper told the children, “Don’t feed the animals.”, Reported Speech – Änderung der Orts – und Zeitangaben. Reported Speech - English Grammar Exercises. Almost daily and without realising it, we automatically use “indirect speech” in our native language. Indirekte Rede leicht Erklärt im Englischen - (Reported Speech). It never gets the sun” she said, “ I am going away tomorrow , mother” he told her, “we have moved to our new flat yesterday”, “you haven’t given me enough “ he pointed out, “ I couldn’t get into the house because I had lost my keys”, “ I wrote to him the day before yesterday, I wonder why he hasn’t rung up”, “we walked 3 miles yesterday to bring this lamp, “ I don’t think your father like me” said the young lady to Jim, “If you see my father , you will know him on the spot “, “ there’s been an accident and the road’s blocked”, “the ice will soon be hard enough to skate on “ said tom. Welcome! Direct and indirect speech for esl. 1- Vocabulary It’s not really complicated, though. Change each of the following sentences into reported speech in English. Diese Erläuterung und Übungen zum Reported Speech als PDF-Download kaufen inkl. Welcome to Perfect English Grammar!. ]|Das Subjekt steht direkt hinter dem Fragewort + zugehörigem Adjektiv (wie alt)|you→ he|Simple Present → Simple Past, [Die Touristen fragten mich: „Können Sie uns den Weg zeigen?“|Die Touristen fragten mich, ob ich ihnen den Weg zeigen könne. Mit Lingolia Plus kannst du folgende 13 Zusatzübungen zum Thema „Reported Speech“ sowie 745 weitere Online-Übungen im Bereich Englisch drei Monate lang für nur 10,50 Euro nutzen.