►Welcome to the official ”RM” YouTube channel! Jimin spoke up too, adding, “If we’re with our ARMY, it’s always a spring day.” then he blew a kiss and some cherry blossom petals from the palm of his hands, eliciting a satisfied cheer from the crowd.. Fans looking to know the full meaning behind the song can read BTS' "Spring Day" lyrics below. For the BTS rapper one of the things he loves the most is the connection between his fans and his music. Miss you. Suga replied that they really wanted to go back to doing concerts to share with their followers and offer them unforgettable moments, Namjoon expressed ‘it is as if I wanted to let myself cry if I get to hear Spring Day at this moment’, RM ended by saying ‘Yes I hear’ I miss you ‘ I will cry immediately. He even walks alone on the tracks to catch up to it before boarding with a smile on his face. The opening verse of Spring Day is sung by RM. BTS' Spring Day was written by members Suga and RM. The pair discussed Suga’s upcoming feature on IU’s Eight, with RM saying: ‘I’ve heard it! ATEEZ wins “Show Champion” with “INCEPTION”. After I finished working on it, I listened to it a lot. (191227) Jungkook Ad show at KBS Song Festival 2019. Fans looking to know the full meaning behind the song can read BTS' "Spring Day" lyrics below. Track:RM & BTS SPRING DAY (Remix) Saying this makes me miss you even more Britney Spears: Paris Hilton claims to invent selfies! RM confesses that he cries when listening to Spring Day. Selena Gomez shares a popular makeup tutorial! ‘After I finish working on a song, after it’s released, I don’t usually listen to it. Somag News is an online international news platform that founded in 2019 with a dynamic news team.Our news team includes reporters that has a speciality in different fields from each other. Justin Bieber is a fan of Jennifer Aniston’s “The Rupture”! Spring Day is a song co-written by RM and Suga, and it has very intricate meanings to it. J-Hope, on the other hand, is seen riding atop the train with a paper airplane — combating his fear of heights and finally being free. Post by cntrljinsung credit to kpoopqueenie […] RM confesses that he cries when listening to Spring Day. It’s a song to listen to while driving. Jimin spoke up too, adding, “If we’re with our ARMY, it’s always a spring day.” then he blew a kiss and some cherry blossom petals from the palm of his hands, eliciting a satisfied cheer from the crowd.. The lyrics of ‘Spring Day’ are full of emotions, narrating the feelings of a person when he misses someone very important, as well as the feelings he experiences when the memory of what they lived together is always present regardless of the season of the year. - - - While discussing the mega-hit “Spring Day”, members Suga and RM revealed that the inspiration for the song came from their personal experiences! The moment it leaves my hands, I think the song belongs to the listeners. On the radio show on VLive , RM also took advantage of the close moment with ARMY to give them some advice and Suga revealed some details about his second mixtape and shared why he hasn’t released it yet . It’s really good. The Big Hit Entertainment […] - - - "Spring Day" (Korean: 봄날; RR: Bomnal) is a song recorded by South Korean boy band BTS for their 2017 album You Never Walk Alone, a repackage of their second Korean-language studio album, Wings (2016). ‘Our highest priority remains the safety of our artists and fans as well as the global community.’, BTS BE album review: From lockdown sadness to bangers, BE is a game of two 2020 halves, BTS star Jungkook says members 'won't cling to chart rankings' as new album BE drops, BTS fans flock to the band’s pop up store in Seoul ahead of BE (Deluxe Edition) album. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdZETNJpW1Xvtxld0dgWyIg/join. I’m sorry to make you change your mind again but I’d like to confirm that those ad-libs sung by “Jungkook” were DEFINITELY Jin’s. You have entered an incorrect email address! No More Dream Bulletproof N.O Boy in Luv Just One Day Danger I Need U Dope Run Burning Up (Fire) Save Me Blood Sweat & Tears Spring Day Not Today DNA Mic Drop Go Go Fake Love Idol Boy With Luv For more things BTS related visit their profile. Suga and RM held a V Live session to reconnect with fans and let everybody know what the band are doing, now that their travelling and touring has been halted due to the global pandemic. Mnet K-POP 3,117,877 views. BTS Blog http://btsblog.ibighit.com 4:34 A further statement from Big Hit Entertainment said: ‘Due to the nature of BTS concerts involving travel by thousands of international fans no matter where the performances are held, it is also difficult to resume the tour with the current strict restrictions on cross-border movement still in place. I don’t have my driver’s license, but as soon as I heard it, I thought it was a perfect driving song. BTS Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bangtan.official, Remix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWEy_…, BTS & RM -Crystal Snow Remix: https://youtu.be/Isx1JQITevo, RM – Monster : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLSr1…, FANTASTIC:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ss1e…, I KNOW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIOX8…, SEVENTEEN :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZFMi…, BTS RM – Lights (Color Coded) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=be9wk…, Too Much:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ny_CZ…, The Best 1000 Video Clips - ARAB1000.com Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. RM misses the dynamic with his BTS peers , who love the energy ARMY brings to them in every interaction. Suga claimed, “ [Spring Day… Hello! Check out the membership benefits: The Best MiX Video Clips - O8O8.arab1000.com, This thing happened to the brand of clothes that BTS wore on “Euphoria”, Namjoon ff oneshot(My teacher&My lover)(Bts ff)(Bts imagine, ردة فعل على bts نو مور دريم واون وشفت الفرق – Bts reaction to no more dreams and on. Please stay warm if it’s winter there in your country ❤️ ⠀ 191225 | RM – 2020 BTS Winter Package Preview ー© facebook.com/bangtan.official #김남준 #남준 #랩몬스터 #비티에스 #아미 #BTS #ARMY #방탄소년단 #kimnamjoon #namjoon #rapmonster #RM #bangtanboys #bangtansonyeondan #bangtan. The band – RM, Suga, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope and V – are using the free time to work on their next album, the follow up to Map Of The Soul: 7. So it’s safe to say that fans are feeling rather emotional right now: namjoon said he doesnt just miss us,,, its to the point where he cries when he listens to spring day…….my heart broke pic.twitter.com/SiJaShftCi, Namjoon cries whenever he listens to Spring Day latelyguys… this meme is literally Joonie #0613FM_0502pic.twitter.com/fN7WooGiF6, SPRING DAY IS GOING TO RISE UP THE CHARTS AGAIN AFTER THIS LIVE DAMNNAMJOON THINKS OF ARMY WHENEVER HE LISTENS TO IT, namjoon cried…..whilst listening to spring day…….bc he misses armys….. my heart is broken pic.twitter.com/mrcPw5DzDu, namjoon cries when listening to spring day,,,felt, namjoon really said that he misses us to the point of crying when he listens to spring day…no one touch me…it’s just now that I’ve reached peak devastationpic.twitter.com/gXvSWrxy74. RM confesses that he cries when listening to Spring Day, Jungkook breaks his own record on Twitter, Victoria Justice reveals the surprises of the Kids Choice Awards. The song was written by "Hitman" Bang, RM, Suga, Adora, Arlissa Ruppert, Peter Ibsen, and … Suga said: ‘The production process was very smooth so there wasn’t a lot of back-and-forth. “봄날 (Spring Day)” is the 15th track for BTS’s extended album Wings: You Never Walk Alone. Despite South Korea slowly getting back to normal, BTS were forced to postpone their world tour, which would have seen them visiting the US, Europe and Japan this summer.