We have traditionally hosted major amateur golf events. Everyone here is delighted that it’s going to Royal Portrush and that will have huge benefits for the area and Northern Ireland, so we’re really supportive of that but hosting The Open is not something we would seek. They do work hard at it, and Rory’s input into the Irish Open should not be underestimated. The arrival of Mourne Golf Club on the Irish Golfing scene is recorded in the Golfing Union of Ireland centenary book with half a line - "Mourne Golf Club was founded in 1946 and affiliated to Golfing Union of Ireland in 1946.". What I’ve found really great here, is that when the members are around, they will make a point of talking to the visitors – welcoming them, asking about their experience and so on, so again it’s not something I’ve seen elsewhere. We pay more attention to the rankings in the markets we’re working in – and therefore the American media is particularly important. So in terms of the typical golf club – it is different. When I started work quite a few years ago the thinking was that you had one job for life. It is a big business but because the members are only here two days a week, we’re able to manage visitors in a way most other clubs would envy. Course Open. I know most other clubs have greater member play so there might be a little more tension on that front but the members here accept that they have their allocated tee times and the rest of the time from May to October is for visitors. I think these days you’ve got to move around and gain a breadth of experience, and in that way you’re going to build up a reputation and a CV and then you may become attractive to bigger clubs. All three clubs operate and play on the two courses here. Co Down, BT33 OAN. As it happens this was a good decision as we have had a very late spring this year. I’ve certainly got a lot more staff and probably more responsibility than most secretaries, but I certainly feel very privileged to be here and to be in the job. We’re very fortunate to be highly regarded in world golf and we are a members club with as many visitors as we can manage. Proudly created by ITS NI. I manage the members of Royal County Down and I manage the commercial aspects. Members understand that the visitor revenue is important to the club. We have whatever membership level the Club wishes so we don’t have the challenges that many golf courses have of seeking and maintaining members. The job is essentially the same. I think from the club’s point of view we see it as a one off. The process of getting the tournament was interesting. We’ve got over 100 members volunteering for marshalling and other duties, so there is a lot of enthusiasm in the club for the event. Keep up-to-date with the GCMA latest news and events by signing up to our newsletter. We have traditionally hosted major amateur golf events. In terms of the clubhouse, we like to think that the level of service is very good. The Director of Golf role is one we are seeing more, and I don’t think it’s unhealthy if it helps to improve professionalism in the industry. During the closing years of the war. Like many before, I came into the business slightly later in life, but I suppose if I’d started younger – and I’m intrigued by your Young Manager’s Group – then I suppose the key would probably be to gain as much experience as you can. © 2007 – 2020 copyright Golf Club Managers’ Association, Essential Skills for Future Club Managers, Principles of Golf Club Management Training Course, Diary – CONTACT REGIONAL MANAGER FOR LATEST DETAILS. Global rates of skin cancer are at epidemic levels and…, CancerDriffieldKenton WrightMelanoma FundSkin CancerSunscreenSunshine, Hillside stepped in to ensure the British Masters had a…, After last year’s hottest summer for four decades, Alastair Higgs,…, Telephone: +44 (0)1275 391153 I’m originally from Belfast – I was schooled there, and then went to Queens University in Belfast, before joining the Royal Air Force, where I spent 25 years as a Personnel Officer. We have whatever membership level the Club wishes so we don’t have the challenges that many golf courses have of seeking and maintaining members. We have around 1000 members across the three golf clubs – the majority of whom do play at one time or another. Bristol & Clifton Golf Club Advance requests for caddies are encouraged at the time of making a golf booking. Teams and Captains Fixtures Results Social Events Facilities Club . Station Road, Craigavad, Co Down, BT18 0BP | T: +44 28 9042 8165 | E: admin@royalbelfast.com. For me, a test is whether these clubs make the visitor feel welcome or not. The Golf Digest ranking of being the best course outside America is actually very important, and will attract a lot of people.