I will be updating the article with a couple of other third-party cleaning solutions that I’m currently testing. Either way, Braun would happily sell you a new shaver head or a completely new shaver, so I don’t think they care which type of alcohol you use. 20 euro. I will be updating it soon. Coleman fuel or kerosene is a pretty good solvent too. ). Clean station works, but after dry process complet and shaver is full out of station shaver is not dry it have liquid inside of head, and no matter if i pull it out of station next day. And people huff gasoline/petrol fumes (even drink it) . The cost is 5-6 euro, for 3 refills. I have been searching for SD – Alcohol 40 – B in my country but without success. ASTM D770 (currently on revision 11(2019)) is the standard specification for isopropyl alcohol published by ASTM International. Not poisons. you can arrive on target with a bicycle or a ferrari or a big limo. From what I have read, it appears the ethanol is probably recommended. Pour the solution through the small hole and fill the container to approximately ¼” from the top. | Chemtronics A bottle has 1 liter of solution, so you can fill a cartridge up to 7 times. – Acetone: works great but sometimes hard to source and dissolves the silkscreen, but it’s a must-have for toner-transfer PCBs IPA is probably the best solvent, as it won’t destroy the PCB, won’t cause health issues (unless you stupidly try to drink it), and won’t harm the environment. And since the majority will be using 70% alcohol as that’s the most common variation, I thought I should too. If you’re in the habit of using isopropyl alcohol to clean your PCBs after soldering, you probably have a nice big jug of the stuff stashed away. But of course, it’s totally up to you if you decide to use it or stick to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Ok so maybe alcohol is problem lets buy new bottle make new solution and still same problem station works but shaver not dry. The good thing about it is that it leaves zero residue of any kind, which 70% isopropyl might. The “stuff” used to denature it isn’t regulated, and while some combinations are fine, I know at least one case where using it corroded the exposed metal extremely bad, to the point where the board stopped functioning. electrolytic cap rubber seal. These were previously cleaned boards that were later reworked and cleaned again, and the areas that were cleaned with denatured alcohol corroded heavily. Maybe the same problem as many on here, after refilling the cartridge with alcohol and a bit of lemon oil the red empty light remains on.it won’t reset to full, so no cleaning, any ideas. What are the best third-party cleaning solutions for Braun cc stations? No need for mixes or lubricants. Sticking to 70% alcohol is probably your best bet. You may need to add more if the alcohol concentration is still too high and the station sees the cartridge as empty (make sure not to overfill the container). Rubbing Alcohol is usually 70% Isopropyl alcohol (C3H8O) and 30% water but some brands may include other substances such as perfumed oils and denaturants, so rubbing alcohol is not really recommend for cleaning electronics, especially pcbs and internal components. In order to remove the remaining hairs, pour a bit of dish wash soap in the cartridge (through the small hole), add some water, then shake it a few times. I’ve tried several variations (and it’s still an ongoing experiment), but I am yet to try just alcohol and lemon oil. So if you were on the fence about buying a Braun shaver that comes with a cleaning station because that would bump up your costs of ownership, these truly are viable alternatives that will drastically reduce your expenses.