Don't hike in the snow wearing jeans. Information is currently being updated on the park’s website and social media. Our government makes a good faith effort to “protect” us from harm in so many ways, some of which actually contribute to our well being without removing our freedoms. Weather changes rapidly in the mountains and storms can be severe any month of the year, with lightning, rain, snow or hail often accompanied by strong winds. As you drive, you and your vehicle are literally inches from careening thousands of feet down a steep drop off to your own death, no thanks to your vivid imagination. Trail Ridge Road, Grand Lake, Snow on Pass. Most of our nation’s mountain roads have clearly defined guard rails and/or barrier systems to keep one from accidentally (or perhaps otherwise) driving off the side of the road to their peril. Since 2011, there have been six deaths related to cardiac arrest episodes. We cannot fear death, but instead we must desire life, to be consistent with our reason for being, our path and our purpose in life. Her death was the second fatality of the year in Rocky Mountain National Park, where a record 4 million visits made Colorado's iconic park the country’s third-most visited national park in 2015. Trail Ridge Road, Grand Lake, Life and Death. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); if ( function_exists( 'pgntn_display_pagination' ) ) pgntn_display_pagination( 'posts' ); FORT COLLINS, CO  – The west side of Rocky Mountain National Park is closed to park visitors due to significant fire activity on the East Troublesome Creek Fire outside of the park. Over 110,000 copies of the Manual For Living Sold and Downloaded Around the Globe! The vast majority return home with new memories. Choose now, for there is no other moment available to you. Watch the weather: It may feel like spring in Fort Collins, but winter conditions last much longer in Rocky Mountain National Park. Perhaps these symbols were there just to remind us that there is beauty to be seen everywhere you look, if we would only open your eyes and welcome that beauty to enter, even when we are in the midst of the most traumatic situations. by Seth David Chernoff // Featured, Spirituality. There was a single vehicle rollover accident in Rocky Mountain National Park on Trail Ridge Road near the Gore Range overlook last Friday evening. ", "Seth Chernoff has written a wonderful, thoughtful and compassionate book. ROCKY MOUNTAIN: How to secure that hard-to-get RMNP camping permit. Today my wife and I left the kids (don’t worry, they were taken care of) and we drove over Trail Ridge Road outside of Estes Park, Colorado. To my wife’s incredible dismay, this particular “motorway” has practically NO guard rails, and for the most part there is not even a shoulder on the road. In the Manual for Living, Book One, I have an entire chapter dedicated to the concept of living in fear of death, and in truth it actually defeats the very purpose for which we live. Since 2011, four people have died by suicide in Rocky Mountain National Park, in such areas as Bear Lake and Alberta Falls. For further information about Rocky Mountain National Park, please visit or contact the park’s Information Office at 970-586-1206. Trail Ridge Road is well renowned as is the “highest continuous motorway in the United States” with more than eight miles lying above 11,000′ and a maximum elevation of 12,183. Before you go, check weather conditions in the park at STAYCATION: 5 ways to do spring break in Colorado. In June 2014, Matthew Burklow — a prepared, experienced, 25-year-old hiker living in Fort Collins — fell about 600 feet from the Ledges section of the Keyhole Route. Wear proper clothing: Layer your clothing and wear insulating, windproof material, such as synthetic or wool, not cotton. A 58 year old man (hometown unknown) indicated he drove off the road around 8:30 p.m. on Friday evening. Plan to get down from the summit and below treeline by noon to avoid being caught in a lightning storm. Information is currently being updated on the park’s website and social media. We were not short of nature and all of its beauty today, for in our short drive over Trail Ridge Road, we observed a beaver, a gorgeous Moose, and a Bull (also known as a male elk) with a large rack wading through the stream. He had summited the peak but slipped on the snowy, icy, narrow section of the mountain during his return, his body found on a rocky outcropping below the Trough. Traumatic injuries sustained from falls contributed to eight of Rocky Mountain's 21 deaths since 2011 and are historically the leading cause of death in the park. Your information will never be sold or shared. Trail Ridge Road, Colorado, Grand Lake, Elk Buck. While grim, Rocky Mountain's annual death toll pales in comparison to that of Grand Canyon National Park, which averages 12 fatalities each year. "Do not climb if unprepared," the sign states. I’ve learned to observe and listen along my journey – the lessons amazingly present themselves as needed along the way. You must let yourself see and experience the true beauty around you so that you can remember why you are here, and as such reconnect with the beauty and magnificence that exists deep within yourself. (Us AND a Few Friends You Love…. As you can see, even today in the middle of June, there is plenty of snow up here, and it just so happens that the rain turned to a light snow even on our drive over. "The last fatality on Trail Ridge Road was in 1995 when two young men drove off near Rock Cut in a bad spring storm." Some die by suicide. RMNP: What to know about Rocky Mountain National Park. PITTSBURGH, PA – A resident of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has been indicted by a federal grand jury in…, Baltimore, Maryland – On November 24, 2020, U.S. District Judge Richard D. Bennett sentenced Lovell Patterson, age…, NEW YORK, NY – The Wiz continued his streak during Monday Night Football calling the upset…, HOLMES COUNTY – Separate traffic stops have resulted in the arrest of two area men for…, INDIANTOWN, FL – Two Palm Beach County men who attempted to conceal the stolen car they…, © All rights reserved. A record 4.16 million visitors came to Rocky Mountain National Park last year, when one person died within park boundaries. I was too young to remember where we were, but I’ve never forgotten that feeling of being on the edge, scared to death & literally holding on to the edge of my seat yet enjoying the awesome scenery. Trail Ridge Road is closed west bound at Rainbow Curve. You are humbled by the life you have yet to live, and the opportunities you have yet to face. Sturdy, dry footwear is a must. Subscribe to get Xplore news delivered to your inbox by visiting Behind falls, the second leading cause of death in Rocky Mountain National Park is cardiac arrest. Trail Ridge Road is closed west bound at Rainbow Curve. Loch Vale in Rocky Mountain National Park, second fatality of the year in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado's iconic park the country’s third-most visited, What to know about Rocky Mountain National Park, record 4.16 million visitors came to Rocky Mountain National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park seeks volunteers, fell about 600 feet from the Ledges section of the Keyhole Route, How to secure that hard-to-get RMNP camping permit, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. Xplore reporter Stephen Meyers covers the outdoors and recreation for the Coloradoan. By comparison, 37 people died in car crashes on Larimer County roads in 2015. While deaths are rare in Rocky Mountain, chances are the cause of death is from falling down a mountainside or off a cliff wall. Synchronicity at its best! Chances of surviving a fall of that magnitude are slim. ", Receive your FREE True Happiness Video Series, Want to Help? It goes to the heart of what it is to be human. The visits keep coming throughout the year, as millions of people from across the globe will visit the park to hike, climb, snowshoe, ski and camp on or near Rocky Mountain’s majestic peaks. Between 2007 and 2013, four people were killed by bears in national parks, none in Rocky Mountain, where attacks from black bears (there are no grizzlies in the park) are rare. Travelers should be aware of smoke, wind, weather and fire conditions as fire activity is rapidly changing and road closures may be put in place quickly. This particular mountain pass is ONLY open in the summer months and can be a harrowing drive for anyone afraid of heights, or more aptly put, afraid of death.