Privacy Policy, 8222 South Park Avenue However, there are plenty of avenues for investigating the art of violin, viola, cello, bass, or bow making. “If you are thinking about lutherie, or any career, be really honest with yourself. We guarantee that each job no matter how big or small gets the attention it deserves. Orchard Violins is a Web-based business located in County Armagh, Northern Ireland (one hour from Dublin and Belfast). In 2020 10% of instrument sales will be donated as well. As with many hands-on, intensive crafts, it’s difficult to know what to expect without diving into a program. Keep in mind that violin making requires many years of learning and development well into adult life. “If you do decide to specialize in the field of violin making, it will benefit you in the long run if you have a well-rounded education and vocational experience,” adds Wilson. Do you remember an article from ten years ago that was helpful, but can’t remember what issue it’s in? Schedule Appointment. Violin making courses at Chapel Violins School of Violin Making. But don’t expect that a violin maker will just let you hop right onto a workbench and get to it. Above all, get ready to commit. Are you just getting started in guitar making, or thinking about becoming a luthier? We perform maintenance, repairs, custom work, and soon will be offering custom Guitars and basses. To request or suggest a listing on our site. Assess your response to it. Violin Luthier Directory If you are luthier who would like to be included in the directory, please make sure you first have registered for in this directory requires a one-time $200 activation fee — Apply here. Membership Wilson recommends listening to a lot of string repertoire and reading about the history and art of violin and bow making. “A precocious teenager could go ahead and start looking and reading!”. Sales. Orlando Luthier is a family owned/operated Stringed instrument repair business located in Central FL. Orlando Luthier is a family owned/operated Stringed instrument repair business located in Central FL. What are you bad at? What do you not like to spend your time on?” she says. We have published over 3500 articles in over 45 years of operation. “For me, violin making was a synthesis of two interests,” says Wilson, who earned a bachelor’s degree in music theory/composition and a master’s degree in ethnomusicology. I spoke to Felix, who graduated from the, The Eclectic Musical World of Lucia Micarelli, Kittel & Co. Feel welcome to search the site and always feel welcome to schedule an appointment or call us with your questions. Seth also completed two violas and a violin. tel: +1-386-588-0800 Seth studied with me for two years. “I also earned my living for many years as a woodworker. For teens, it can be daunting to determine now if it’s the right path—especially when the true start of that path may still be years away. During that time he did many repairs and set up many instruments. Seth joined me in 1999 as an apprentice, after having worked at the Ifshin violin shop in Berkeley, California. Australia Apprenticeship. There are two programs at the school: the three-year course of violin making and the two-year course of violin … Mark currently offers two different apprenticeship programs, a full-time and part-time apprenticeship. Conventions See our FAQ and check out our essays on getting started and choosing a lutherie school. Schedule Your Appointment Online Or Call Us At 386-588-0800, Orlando Luthier Luthier Julia Felix studied at North Bennet Street School (Photo courtesy North Bennet Street School). Full Time Luthier Apprenticeship “Violin making involves a lot of copying—looking at shapes and trying to imitate them—and in my previous life, drawing classes really gave me a boost, I felt, compared to my classmates who hadn’t done much art in the past.” She added that her experience metalsmithing, also a detail-oriented craft, involved careful sawing and filing to exact lines.