While PHP developers in Finland take home an average salary of $42K,.Net developers make slightly lesser with $41K. JavaScript and Java developers are second on the list with an average salary of $44K. Recommended: How to Start Learning Web Development? Norwegian .Net developers, on the other hand, earn $64K. You decide what skills to learn to boost your value in the job market. Norwegian developers dealing with C++ and C# earn $65K while PHP developers here unlike in others take home an average of $66K. Those web apps control how data from the users is stored, processed, and managed. Freelancing allows you to learn the skills that you need for a junior web developer position step-by-step. According to the Career Karma average of salary estimates from PayScale and Glassdoor, mid level web developers in the U.S. earn $71,565 per year. This could be a sign of salary differences between different back-end developer skills and specializations. Therefore, the variance in senior-level salaries is relatively high compared to entry level and junior positions. The income gaps among back end developers are quite big and the sample shows an uneven distribution of salaries, too. If you’re someone with plenty of determination, persistence, and ambition, you can go very far as a web developer. And when you feel ready, head over to my article on what programming language you should learn first. Here’s an overview of how your location affects the potential average salary level: According to this data, the national average web developer salary in 2019 is about $56,400 per year. © mikkegoes.com 2016-2019 - All rights reserved. Assuming the average work week has 40 hours, this adds up to around $38,400 to $40,800 per year. Their solid skills in both front-end and back-end development make them valuable in the job market. Learning one skill and specialization at a time is essential to maintain your focus and motivation. It’s all about knowing the basics of how to work with clients and how to use your skills to build something valuable and functional. Read next: 5 Great Web Development Courses for Beginners. Junior web developers can expect a considerably higher salary than entry level developers. All in all, the best way to find out how much you could earn as a web developer is to do research on employers in your area. All Rights Reserved. The most important skills for front-end web developers are: Moreover, they need to be super creative, know their way around different front-end frameworks, and master responsive design. If that’s something you’re interested in, make that your long-term goal and work towards it step-by-step. Especially if you become an expert in a certain tool that’s rather rarely used, you can find extremely lucrative specialist job openings in the future. As per The Dice Job Market Report 2017, Nearly a third of IT professionals worked in support roles (32%), compared with 17% in project management, 16% in development and 8% in consultancy. 8% of GDP, it ranks third worldwide after Japan and Sweden. Beginner’s Guide, 6 Hacks to Maximize Productivity as a Remote Web Developer, 12 Essential Advantages of Python (Why Learn Python in 2020), How to Land Your First Entry-Level Software Developer Role, The Best Way to Learn Web Development in 2020: The Ultimate Guide, 17 JavaScript Projects You Can Build to Perfect Your Coding Skills, How to Choose the Best Coding Project? Salaries of developers worldwide are pretty high when compared to countries like India and Ukraine. There are tons of factors that affect web developer salary levels. You want to make sure your future employer values your time and dedication. Looking at another source, Indeed.com gives us an average salary of $128,100 per year for back end developers in 2019: All in all, the average salaries for back end developers vary a lot, to say the least. New York stands next to San Francisco, with an average salary of $127,403. As per Dice Job Market Report 2017, top skills that recruiters searched for were the C and Java programming languages and the .Net software framework. We decided to look into a few other aspects aside from salary to see if the most used technologies had an impact on this amount. Therefore, full stack developers can expect to earn a higher salary, too. All of the salary estimates provided are Career Karma averages, based on estimates pulled from a variety of the above sources. Software products and IT services earn 32% of the turnover in IT-sector in the Scandinavian country. By now, you should have an idea about the different job levels and skill requirements. If you found this article helpful, please share it with others! Switzerland is one of the world’s leading countries for information and communication technology (ICT). Needless to say, the entry level web developer salary is the lowest of all. According to High Fliers’ The Graduate Market in 2017 report, starting salaries in IT are the same as the national median of £30,000. Do back-end developers make more money than front-end developers? 12 Great Benefits of Learning Coding, what programming language you should learn first, 8 Great Websites to Learn Web Development for Free, 27 Best Web Development Courses for Beginners in 2020 (Free and Paid), How Long Does It Take to Learn Python? Average take home earning is US$ 46,747 (Net). They know their way around the tools used for web development and how to apply their skills to a plethora of different projects. Next, let’s take a closer look at how much do web developers make. Thus, it’s difficult to draw any objective conclusions on how much the average web developer makes in the U.S. There’s no such thing as “the average web developer” out there. It goes without saying that the salary level correlates with your experience and expertise. C# developers get the least pay while C++ developers make slightly high with an average salary of $52K. According to this data, the national average web developer salary in 2019 is about $56,400 per year. The least pay of the lot goes to PHP developers. Here’s an overview of the top 10 states with the highest adjusted average web developer salary (2016): Does it come as a surprise that New York and California aren’t in the top 10? An experienced Web Developer with 10-19 years of experience earns an average total compensation of ₹999,973 based on 73 salaries. The expected salary level is an important factor when you’re thinking about learning the skills to become a web developer. Javascript developers, on the other hand, are the least paid of the lot with an average salary of $46K. As for the level of experience, you can expect your income as a web developer to increase considerably throughout your career. Most often, senior developers have gathered experience from working in various different roles during their career. Full stack developers have a much wider range of skills than frontend or backend web developers alone. front-end developer salary accordingly. Be creative, have fun, learn new things, and take care of yourself. You can start in an entry-level job and work your way towards a junior web developer position. C# and PHP developers, on the other hand, earn the same with an average salary of $47K. We see a lot of variance in the salary levels in general. Simple things like spending more time with my family and friends are something I never want to give up. The main focus with entry level jobs is to get acquainted with the “real world” and to learn how to work on real-life web projects. What about full stack developer salaries? India IT companies currently serve two-thirds of the fortune 500 companies with expectations that 2.5-3 million new jobs will be created by 2025. As we discussed earlier, back end developers can choose between a wide range of programming and scripting languages and tools to learn.