This isn't a problem in any way, just noticeable. If you have a Weber grill get a Weber cover. We still grill out even in January in Ohio, and when we lived in Wisconsin, we grilled out also through the full winter. Copyright © 2020 Inc. Weber 2381001 Genesis Silver B NG SWE Grill Parts. Heavy-duty vinyl custom fit for Spirit 200/300, Spirit 500/700, Genesis 1000, Genesis Silver A/B and Weber 900. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Have a rusty, old, or damaged handle on your gas grill that needs replacing? Porcelain Enamelled Replacement Cooking Grates, Enamel-coated steel replacement flavorizer bars, Bracket for left hand side swing up table, Hardware Pack For Lid And Handle Assembly, Filler Adapter With Quick Disconnect Tanks Only, Set of porcelain enamelled cast iron grates, Set of stainless steel replacement flavorizer bars, Weber Grill Out Handle Light - Oval Bracket, Steam-N-Chips Smoker with Stainless Steel grate. Your email address will not be published. Your IP: We have a Weber "Genesis Silver" version grill and it fits well. Reviewed in the United States on April 12, 2012. Our experts will get back to you as soon as they can. That is just a fact. Reviewed in the United States on November 15, 2012. ), it has lasted about 30 months and is just now showing signs of wear and cracking. This cover not only fits perfectly but is heavy enough not to flap like a flag and to keep the grill dry. I could write a long part about what the higher (4 and 5 stars) ratings mention but I think that a summary is maybe easier for you to read. A BBQ Icon, the Weber® Genesis® has been the quintessential gas grill since 1985.View the full range Read More > Weber BBQs do most of the cleaning for you so that cleaning your Weber could not be easier. Not Available. Overall this grill cover receives some good ratings and many buyers wrote that it is a good buy especially compared to the price. However, with the current wear, I figure it won't be waterproof much longer. Like you can see there are three available models available for the Yukon Glory original 7573 premium cover and each of them comes with a little extra. … This is basically the model from 2013 and up. Discontinued. ... 7573. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. Copyright © 2020 Better Grills. Cant go wrong with Weber anything. This cover will not fit the newer Weber Spirit grill with the control knobs mounted on the front. Fits the Weber Genesis Silver B Grill Perfectly, Reviewed in the United States on September 29, 2012. Weber 7573 - 53" Premium Grill Cover, Weber Genesis I-IV, 1000-5000, Platinum I & II, #20428 - 29" Stainless Steel Burner and Crossover Set (Replaces Part 7506), #40822208 - "Crossover" Burner Tube, Genesis 1000-5500, Platinum I/II & B/C 2000-04, Gold B/C 2000-01, #65901 - Stainless Steel Flavorizer Bar Set (Double Stacked), #64812 - 17-1/2" X 23-3/4" "Gourmet BBQ System" Cast Iron Cooking Grates, Spirit And Spirit II 300 Series, Genesis 1000-5000, Silver B/C, Gold/Platinum, #65619 - 17-3/8" X 23-1/2" Two Piece Stainless Steel "Channel Formed" Cooking Grate Set, #65906 - 17-3/8" X 23-1/2" Two Piece Porcelain Enameled Steel 50/50 Split Cooking Grate Set, #7513 - 25" X 4-3/4" Chrome Plated Warming Rack, #7586 - 17-1/2" X 23-3/4" Gourmet BBQ System" Spirit 300 Stainless Steel Cooking Grates, #7638 - 17-1/2" X 23-3/4" Two Piece Cast Iron Cooking Grate Set, #7639 - 17-3/8" X 23-3/4" Two Piece Stainless Steel "Solid Rod" Cooking Grate Set, #80632 - 24-1/4" Weber Genesis Gas Grill Warm Up Basket, #CG85SSET - 17-1/4" X 23-1/2" Two Piece Stainless Steel "Channel Formed" Cooking Grate Set (Replaces Part 65619), #7509 - Ignitor Kit "With Lock-Nut Style Push Button" And Collector Box/Electrode With Wires, #IG13BR - Weber Collector Box/Electrode With Wires, For "Manual" Push Button Igniters, #IG7B - 20" Igniter Wire, Female Flat Spade And Round Connector Ends, #UP7B - Double Pole Push Button With Lock Nut, #78960 - Weber Genesis/Summit 1-7/8" Diameter, Light Gray Control Knob, #987101 - Weber Wheel Hub Caps, Pack of 3, #WH4B - 24-7/8" Weber Genesis Hardwood Handle, #104007 - 3/8" Natural Gas Quick Connect Fitting With Integral On/Off Ball Valve, #104406 - 3/8" Natural Gas Quick Connect Fitting, #3090 - "3" Hour Timer/Automatic Gas Shut Off Valve, #3090-01 - Control Knob "Only", For "3" Hour Timer/Automatic Shut Off Valve, #3092 - "1" Hour Timer/Automatic Gas Shut Off Valve, #3092-01 - Control Knob "Only", For "1" Hour Timer/Automatic Shut Off Valve, #36400 - Brass Replacement Valve "With Outside Mounting Threads" (Fits A Variety of Weber Models 2006 And Older), #5520-11T - Gas Connection Box With 1-Hour Timer/Automatic Shut Off Valve, #5520-13T - Gas Connection Box With 3-Hour Timer/Automatic Shut Off Valve, #62565 - 22" LP Hose and Regulator Assembly With Male Threaded Manifold Connector, #63419 - Hose Regulator Assembly With Quick Connect Tank Fitting (for models prior to 2002), #65941 - 25" Propane(LP) Hose and Regulator Assembly With Female Hex Nut Manifold Connector (Replaces Part 7502), #99281 - 40" LP Hose and Regulator Assembly With Female Hex Nut Manifold Connector, #NG10 - 10 Foot Natural Gas 3/8" Hose With Quick Connect, #NG12 - 12 Foot Natural Gas 3/8" Hose With Quick Connect, #NG14 - 14 Foot Natural Gas 3/8" Hose With Quick Connect, #PR-SU - Gas Pressure Regulator, Convertible (NG Or LP), #4089600 - Weber Manifold Support Bracket, #6415 - 6" X 8-1/2" Catch Pan Liners "Pack of 10", #65579 - Weber Rotisserie "Motor" Replacement, #7130 - 58"L X 25"W X 44-1/2"H Cover, Genesis, Genesis II And Genesis II LX "300" Series And Other Select Weber Models, #7139 - 51"L X 27"W X 42"H Weber Premium Grill Cover, Spirit II 300 Series, Spirit 300 Series (2017 and Older) and Spirit 200 Series (2012 and Older), #7515 - Grease Catch Pan and Holding Bracket, #7659 - Weber Rotisserie Kit, Spirit II 200/300 Series, Spirit 200/300 Series and Spirit 500/700, #93305 - 8-5/8" X 6-1/8" Aluminum Grease Catch Pan With Foil Liner, #97783 - 13-1/2" Long Bottom Tray Rails, Weber Genesis 1000-5000 and Platinum (2000-2004 Model Years), #7421 - "Gourmet BBQ System" Cast Iron Griddle, #7425 - "Gourmet BBQ System" Cast Iron Wok, #8836 - "Gourmet BBQ System" Pizza Stone With Carry Rack, #8838 - "Gourmet BBQ System" Poultry Roaster, #17302 - Set of Two "Firespice" Cedar Planks, #3100107 - "Citrusafe" Complete Grill Cleaning Care Kit, #41338 - Stainless Steel Kabob Skewer Set With Collapsible Support Rack, #6416 - 9" X 13" Large Disposable Aluminum Foil Pans, Pack of 10, #6434 - Large Deep Stainless Steel Grilling Basket, #6435 - Large Flat Stainless Steel Grilling Pan, #6470 - Small Stainless Steel Fish Basket, #6471 - Large Stainless Steel Fish Basket, #6493 - Weber 21" Round Bristle Grill Brush, #6535 - Premium Gloves -Size Large/X-Large, #6536 - Premium Gloves -Size Small/Medium, #66009 - Premium Universal Rotisserie Kit, #6726 - Deluxe Stainless Steel Skewers, "Set of 4", #7137 - Weber Premium Propane Gas Tank Cover, #7203 - Weber "iGrill 2" Bluetooth Thermometer, #7204 - Weber "iGrill 3" Bluetooth Thermometer, "Exclusively" For Weber Spirit II, Genesis II And Genesis II LX (2017 And Newer), #7211 - "iGrill" Pro "Meat" Temperature Probe, #7212 - "iGrill" Pro "Ambient" Temperature Probe, #7617 - Stainless Steel Expansion Rack, Weber "Elevations Tiered Cooking System", #80064 - GrillPro Propane Gas Level Indicator, #GGWB10 - "SearMagic" Narrow Brass Bristle Cleaning Brush, #GGWB5 - Wooden Scraper Cleaning Tool For MHP "SearMagic" Cooking Grids, #JPT - Stainless Steel Jalapeno Grilling Tray, #MB-1B - Universal Stainless Steel Rotisserie Motor Bracket, #SF-1 - 18" Stainless Steel Super Flipper Spatula.