My answer was the check-box "no". It means always being aware of your single status, because no one ever lets you forget it. This is a much more slippery matter than the legal definition. Aha, they may say - she's ashamed of being single and doesn't want to write it down. Why Do We Glorify Marriage When Record Numbers Are Single? When some form in a doctor's office or some item on a social networking site asks about your marital or relationship status, is there an option that works for you? Once the concept of personal rights is established, people will be free to be as single as they want to be, or partnered in exactly the configuration they want. But that doesn't mean you no longer like them. I am single, meaning never married, never cohabited. Those could imply available or not depending on the person and I often wonder why they aren't just single - why there is a designation that says I was married but it failed or my spouse died. If Venus have got a special offer in Boots, maybe. I agree that the term 'single' has become meaningless. Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. I wanted to know whether he had bothered to read my profile, especially the part where I said I didn't want kids. She was actively "dating", and having a whale of a time. Maybe you have been part of a committed couple for decades, but unless you made your union official and legal, you still count as legally single. A woman who shares her life with a few long-term close partners, one of whom might be a lover, but who has no marriage license, is considered "single." But it is singlehood that comes first and then is undone — if it is undone — by marriage. OK, so how did you find the community you are a part of? They are Sex and Everything Else Partners. you even had to get a certificate of divorce if you were to break up. and I'll be like oh yeah the didn't really but whatever...I always say husband or wife instead of fiance. If you do want to be a relationship, you get to wake up everyday knowing that today could be the day you meet your soulmate. A few years ago the census people kept sending me massive questionnaires and threatening letters about how they were going to put me in prison for not filling out the booklet. It implies that you are in a relationship but not married. OK, so how did you find the community you are a part of? I'm human. You know what he said when he saw me without? First, all of the existing prejudices remain in place. The man was very insulted. For a lot of us that means we're tanned, plucked, waxed, shaved, filed, coiffed, made-up and tanned to within an inch of our lives. You can be legally single, socially single, or personally single. Marital status is a part of someone' social history and important as a holistic approach to health care, like medical history. You are legally single if you are not legally married. She was always out being wooed. And that's the problem, one that seems to have come up time and again here: What is a "single" person? Singular Magazine Nabs Top Industry Awards. I check single--whether or not I've ever been married is none of their business. And in all of my lover relationships, we've been pretty fluid, from lovers to friends and back again with a minimum of fuss, and I suspect I will know these men for a very long time, perhaps even for the rest of my life. I am single, meaning never married, never cohabited. Or, you down your drink and cut to the chase. Used in a sentence: "He uploaded a picture of him and his dog but it was clearly just a thirst trap.". Here, being single means "not in a serious romantic relationship with another person". In the letters they told me their kids were great and that I would just love them. Used in a sentence: "We went on three dates and then she ghosted me.". Some divorced men with children were so interested in me they wrote me several letters.