[24] Meanwhile, other teachers claimed that "they (girls) haven't got the imagination that most of the lads have got" and that "I find you can spark the boys a bit easier than you can the girls…Girls have got their own set ideas – it's always '…and we went home for tea'… Whereas you can get the boys to write something really interesting…". [21] Thus, if children attain gender cues from environmental stimuli, it stands to reason that the early years of a child's education are some of the most formative for developing ideas about gender identity and can potentially be responsible for reinforcing harmful notions of disparity in the roles of males and females. [56] It is important, therefore, for the teacher to provide the appropriate activities to highlight boys' strengths in literacy and properly support their weaknesses. At the beginning of the year, a teacher begins to form opinions about each student based on their grades, test scores, and what they’ve learned from previous teachers. Gender bias is a preference or prejudice toward one gender over the other. Because of interactions from teachers, such as saying boys do not usually cook, males may then be less likely to follow careers such as a chef, an artist, or a writer. In many situations, these unconscious biases are a normal, healthy aspect of our cognitive ability. [56] In his 2009 book Grown Up Digital, Tapscott writes that there are other methods to consider in order to reach boys when it comes to literacy: "Boys tend to be able to read visual images better... study from California State University (Hayword) saw test scores increase by 11 to 16% when teaching methods were changed to incorporate more images". This then lowers the number of women in STEM, further producing and continuing this cycle. Gender inequality in education is regarded as the major impediment within the course of overall progression of the system of education. An example of this would be the way wars are talked about. "[52], The latest national test scores, collected by the NAEP assessment, show that girls have met or exceeded the reading performance of boys at all age levels. If you want to learn more about what some of those foundational best practices look like in Leader in Me Schools, check out this research brief. This kind of sexism is not taken seriously even by people who oppose sex discrimination. England, the United States, and Ireland all have laws prohibiting pay inequity based on gender, although these are not always strictly enforced. This is why you often see Chinese girls being adopted but never boys. [20] Indeed, Sandra Bem's gender schema theory identifies that children absorb gender stereotypes by observing the behavior of humans around them and then imitate the actions of those they deem to be of their own gender. What if all teachers had high expectations for every student? Researchers at Johns Hopkins University compared the differences in predicted education outcomes white and black teachers had for their black students. [15] There is also a study from Yarrow, Waxier, and Scott (1971) show that male students will receive more criticism because of their gender. Gender bias implies some form of preference, inclination and prejudice for one sex over another. Sneakers41-I took a Women Law class in college in which a significant gender bias discrimination was demonstrated. "Gender, Education and." [39] Teachers and staff in an elementary may reinforce certain gender roles without thinking. [64], In the last century, the passing of Title IX led to significant progress in gender equality in education. The social structure of many schools do not produce adequate results for many boys. [59], With boys-only classrooms not always being possible, it then becomes the responsibility of the literacy instructor to broaden the definition of literacy from fiction-rich literacy programs to expose students to a variety of texts including factual and nonfiction texts (magazines, informational texts, etc.) Although men and women can have the same level of education, it is more difficult for women to have higher management jobs, and future employment and financial worries can intensify. [1] Men are more likely to be literate on a global average, although higher literacy scores for women are prevalent in many countries. [1], It is also important to consider two aspects of boys and literacy education as raised in the Booth article, which draws from the 2002 work of Smith and Wilhelm. Especially in some developing countries, the improvement of economic make government pay more attention on education which is helpful for increasing gender equality in education. Bias can be conscious or unconscious, and may manifest in many ways, both subtle and obvious. Please be warned, these videos may make you fall in love with her like we have.