I have attached pictures of the leaves and caudex for your reference. In the month of February I bought a new smaller plant and potted in the same pot with same potting mix. I re-potted in soil for cactus plants and I washed the old soil from the roots. Leaves are falling off and when new leaves start to grow, they become deformed as this sticky material prevents the leaves from expanding fully. I have grafted a stem to the side of the thicker base portion of my desert rose, will it grow? Springs has started and the temp/humidity is well as per the ideal growth of the plant Please let me know my best coarse of action, thanks. how can I save it and still save my 9 week old seed pod? HI! on the 6th I dug the plant up to check the roots, since the plant was loosing its leaves. Adeniums plants and fungicide do not mix well. HI I found your column today, I have 2 desert Rose plants that are in total sun today they have really be rained on I usually water once a week and they are at least 6 to 7 years old. It’s a bit hard unless I have more information. I do see some stems “rotting” but probably 3 times so far in a yr.i juz cut it off n that usually occur in small branches. You will lose all the leaves. A week later No sign of life… Really bumped out about that. PLEASE help, I’ve invested hundreds of dollars in very rare adeniums over the years and have lost too many. Should I try to get as much of this coconut planting mix off the desert rose roots, then replant it in the clay azalea planter, but with some course sand in the bottom, and sand mixed into the coconut fibers? Can I use soil meant for bonsai plants for Adeniums? Could you pls advise me as to how to treat my plants? Anyway, all soft tissue and bad color tissue needs to be removed, however, it sounds like most of your adenium plant it that way – sorry. Add in 10% potting soil and the rest coir. Yes here are several articles on soil mixes on this blog. Most collectors of adeniums make their own mix based on their location (environment). Very educational. My question is how many times can I use Grow Pro-Tetk ? Is there any thing else I can do to speed up the recovery? I can send you pictures if that helps! Are they multi-part bugs sort of long an skinny? I got a desert rose plant a little over a year ago. I noticed a few months ago a Fungus I guess it is growing from the bottom and now is almost covering the entire plant on two of my plants. One of the main branches got soft, started to ooze, and died, which is a bummer. The whole plant is soft, the leaves have fallen off, the skin is coming off and you can see white mold on it now. ABout the only thing we see eating our adeniums are caterpillars. I live in michigan. What type of soil do I use? Any advice? I used well draining soil. Can you please tell me what it is and how I can treat it. If yes then they are like the orange caterpillars we get here in south Florida. Anyway the main cause of fungus is too much water and/or the wrong soil. I live in Australia. Do I need to lubricate the root of something , after cutting ?Thank you very much . They need proper nutrients, plenty of light (10+ hours and warmth. Do adeniums need a particular type of soil? I live in Harlingen, TX the temperature is usually 80 plus during this time of the year. Desert means low water with a perception of always being hot. Thank you! Thanks. I covered the plant but it still was kept outside until last night when I sat down to learn more about it’s care. My bulb was partially mushy as was a couple of branches.