Step 1: The Problem. 11 years ago It's a totally temporary solution - and by temporary I mean you can leave this stuff down for months and you may have to push one back down every now and then, but it works quite well and is easily removed and cleaned up. The Sili-Mat is approximately 60" long and 23-1/2" wide which will fit comfortably on your work bench. I recommend something you can drill, cut, or chisel into without worrying about your tool. It is essentially a rubber mat with a degree of self healing properties. My Account, Cutting Mats The upside is I now am building a new desk, this one with a wonderful smooth top - a solid core door purchased at a discount outlet for 12 bucks! The thin tiles I found were made from 3120. Buckingham Road Industrial Estate, With the neoprene top you can't feel an unevenness and it looks great. Work Bench Mat Repair Heat Resistant 932° Soldering Mat Silicone Work Mat For Repairing Electronics Mat Workbench Pad Board for Soldering Station,BGA Repair Station with Size 15.8" x 11.8" (Navy Blue) 4.8 out of 5 stars 231. An old phone book makes a very good surface for rebuilding a carburetor, for example. I showed my gf the "Who needs to clean off the bench to repair it?" Oh no! 12 years ago Thirty five dollars worth of mouse pads has given me a desktop surface that is essentially a consumable. Again, I tear the backing off because I consider the surface "part of" my desk. Free up space by mounting your grinder and vise to a double-thick piece of 3/4-in. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. I also have an antistatic mat I lay down on top of that for more delicate work. These are much more durable than you might thing because there's glue directly on them - sometimes when I take up a couple of pads, I have to scrape these off because they stick so well. pkg. The Sili-Mat is made out of a 1/8" thick silicone rubber that does not absorb glue or liquids (that means you can spill some "alternative" beverages on your table top without worry):). I work in a print shop and sometimes take home the press "blanket" after it is changed on the press to cover my workbench. Introduction: The Ultimate Workbench Top! With the glue stick you have to make sure you cover the shinty surface fairly well all the ay to the edges. Farm Road, These particular pads I bought because they had this grid on the front and when I saw them I though "cool I can use the grid to cut lines and stuff" but when I got them I saw that front was really just cheap cardboard with a plastic coat. of 50, / Thankfully these same message boards did offer a few suggestions as to what could be used. I used to make mousepads as a kid. JavaScript must be enabled in order for you to use this site. Not only do these mats prolong the life of a workbench top, they also protect tools and parts by cushioning them when they fall. If I buy large sheets, now I have to cut it up into tiles myself. Why? $18.99 $ 18. I've screwed a 2' x 4' piece of 1/4" thick of MDF (medium-density fiberboard) to the front-center of my 8' x 3' benchtop to take the beating from the boat anchors I typically work on. Some of the suggestions were: conveyor belts, carpet runners, and yoga mats. Extra-Large Protective Bags. Thank you. My favorite workbench surface protector is a thick coating of apathy. Size isn't critical because hey, it's neoprene - it's compressible, right? This is the key: buy CHEAP pads. Mine usually doesn't even tear this badly, but I put off replacing it longer than usual and it was pretty badly cut up.White glue also cleans up easily with warm water, so the next step wont be needed if you are starting with a nicer subsurface. Sadly, the DIY desk is now gone, burned along with my home. Your mousepad is made from 3120? Our workbenches are exceptionally strong and are custom-made to your exact specifications. on Introduction. This was a suggestion a number of years ago from Popular Science or Popular Mechanics. Reply on Step 12. Oh no! It looks sorta like white glue stick, but it never dries. Home Protective neoprene mesh matting can offer a cushioned surface and effective drainage for just-washed labware. The product will be reserved for you when you complete your order. Unlike rubber workbench matting, which will wear and score or scratch within months in heavy-usage environments, Rhino’s bench top protection mats will look great and stay smooth for years, even when sharp knives or hot equipment is being used. It does leave behind a bit of an icky residue, but that washes up with nothing but warm water in a cotton towel. Do you think matbe you could remove the extra pictures at the beginning? Because that little "diamond" at every corner conceals slightly bad alignment. Well, this whole thing works just great even if you didn't build your desk yourself from scrap iron and use cheap plywood for a top... After much tearing, the surface will finally look like this.Again, this all tore the way it did because I use wood glue on plywood. The object was not to cover an entire table surface with old phone books, nor was the object to use old phone books near any flame or heat source. Pads are a good idea! It helps if you mash kinda hard and collect visible "flakes" of the glue. Help contain spills with an absorbent paper benchguard wallet. The protection of your workbench top is essential, so you should buy a good mat for protecting your workbench top. On less permanent surfaces this part wont matter because you're not likely to leave it in place so long that junk collects, but on a more permanent desktop you'll want to fill in the corners. Participated in the The Instructables Book Contest. The MDF is easily and cheaply replaced, with the old piece typically recycled for some utilitarian use. However, it seems JavaScript is either disabled or not supported by your browser. Note how well this thing sticks to the WALL (that's VINTAGE paneling, chief) but it takes almost no effort to remove it when I want to. on Introduction, Another idea would be to make a know the stuff the mythbusters use as a dummy for trying out takes the form of human flesh.make a few pans of it and lay in on your workbench.look up on YouTube or google it for the recipe, 10 years ago Step 2: Remove the Crud. Here’s how you can set a rubber mat: Rubber Mat covers Workbench Top=> Check on Amazon=> a) First, you have to measure the workbench top. pkg. Be careful while measuring the benchtop, cause you need to be … That's easy enough. ECO Policy It will be pretty ugly after it's been on a press for a while, but is very durable. When you want to use the whole top of your workbench, a permanently mounted vise or grinder just gets in the way. on Introduction. Mash them around a bit and work the edges together. Find these bench protectors and liners and more at Grainger. Ask your local print shop to save you one. Did you make this project? Price Match Promise, Cherwell House Note that you don't need a GREAT surface to start with. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. I do this because this is the primary surface of my bench and I don't care - but believe me, it works just as well using white glue on nicer tops. Share it with us! Apply glue (white glue for less permanent tops) and lay the prepared squares of neoprene (ie the mouse pads) in place. Workbench tends to collect damage from soldering iron, gunk from old radio innards, x-acto cuts and so forth. plywood. If you have a formica countertop, white glue with this stuff works great and it wont tear as easily.